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Announcement: Special Operation: Launcher Laughs Last!

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  • Announcement: Special Operation: Launcher Laughs Last!

    Attention soldiers! Starting on Friday, Feb. 9th @ 12pm Pacific and running until Friday, Feb. 23rd @ 12pm Pacific, Special Operation: Launcher Laughs Last will be in full swing! During this Spec Op, we’ll be rewarding a Lvl 1 Damage Perk for every 20 Structures destroyed by your Grenade Launchers! So if you haven’t had him in your line-up in a while, be sure to get your Grenade Launcher in to tip-top shape then get him out on the battlefield during Special Operation: Launcher Laughs Last in GUNS UP!
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    I absolutely love your these events. You guys have been knocking them out of the park lately. I much prefer these long term repeat as much as you want operations as opposed to the do it one time for a bonus weekend events.

    They really motivate me to play more, especially during alliance battles. I always try to incorporate the event theme into my loadout. I did it last time for assault and this time for the grenadier. And of course using Riot wasn't too terribly hard to pull off. XD

    Can't say I was really a fan of the grenade launcher before the event, he just failed to impress me before. But I am now. Scored alot of points against some tough bases and that was due in part to the grenade launcher, so I'm a big fan of his now. Anyway I hope the trend for these type of events continue, as I find them to be very rewarding and fun.

    Now I did have a couple of ideas for possible future repeatable events and these are more card related, not that there is anything wrong with perk related events because I love those as well.

    Special Operation -

    These Boots Are Made For Marching : Something grunt related, maybe like deploy 400 grunts or whatever and receive a Tactical boots card.

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Sniper related event Do this ???? so many times and receive a Focus Fire,

    The Crying Game - Chemist related event poison or kill so many units with the Chemist and receive a Tear Gas.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, because you guys are doing a great job!


    • SD-PEER81
      SD-PEER81 commented
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      Glad you're digging the events KK! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be sure to pass them along to the team for consideration.

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    Originally posted by Kenpo_Kid69 View Post
    The Crying Game - Chemist related event poison or kill so many units with the Chemist and receive a Tear Gas.
    Not everyone has a Chemist, but they could do something with Flamer

    Alliance: Helldivers
    YouTube Channel:


    • Tudekiks*PC
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      ^ This, it should be something that anyone can do, without any "special" unit and so on

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    Originally posted by cusman View Post

    Not everyone has a Chemist, but they could do something with Flamer
    Well what if the devs gave players limited time access to these units. Could give them a taste with a couple of free rentals, just enough to do the mission a few times. Maybe the option of spending gold for limited or even unlimited useage of the unit for the event.

    A win win win for everyone. Players who already own it, get a nice motivator to use their different units and experiment more, leading to more variety. Players who don't own it, get hooked on these new units by getting a taste of them. And it would probably result in more gold and higher premium packs being sold as player's try to secure these units on a more permanent basis.


    • cusman
      cusman commented
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      I don't think you can rent Hero units

      The rest of what you say is valid. The main benefit of these Special Operations is to encourage diversity of play.