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Announcement: GUNS UP! Unit Tuning Changes coming in 3.50 Update!

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    Originally posted by MonsterLoad*PC View Post
    What about the commando? That unit stumbles around like a drunk sailor in battle, hesitates to shoot and takes forever to reload.
    Commando is a really good unit. Put endless clips on him and he's insanely powerful. One of the easiest units to level up to gold vet status IMO.


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      Originally posted by idfgeneral View Post
      I am also concerned about the sharpshooter. WIth the right perks on the sniper is superior to the sharpshooter in most ways. As stated by Ody, the Mercs are mot useful at the moment a damage and fire rate buff would be much appreciated... The merc is too nerfed at the moment.
      I like using the Mercs as my Praetorian guard to my sniper/sharpshooters when scouting at times, so I'm cool with them buffing the range of the unit. I think the idea here is to try and buff the Merc but not have him feel like a copycat of the Ranger. I would like to know how much of a range boost the devs are talking about here though? Could be really cool, we'll find out shortly, I guess.


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        The Mercenary range increase is a +1 (I believe you can try out on the Steam beta server early if you want). Just have to volunteer to be a tester.

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      Please focus on bugs and crashes, customization, new content and quality of life in the future (mass recycling and buying, loadouts), enough nerfing done already before this.
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        Well done guys

        Music to my ears


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          Bombardier should

          "many many Reduced" Attack Range

          "many many Reduced" AoE of Grenade

          Bombardier reduces the interest of the game.

          GU is an attacker-led game.

          Defender does not play the game.

          For activation of GU, Bombardier must be weakened.


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            Everytging we try get nerf hidden towers gone tanktraps gone sniper towers shooting over wall gone now u gonna nerf the bombardier why? Cause people cant handle bombardiers bases? Is that not part of the game to create good bases? In real life a sniper tower cam shoot over a wil.... What u doing is nervimg thw game.... U make every update like a wandeling in the park. Bombardiers bases are already so easy to beat soon. We not even need build a base cause everything good is gone


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              I've considered dumping my bombardier on attacks for the sniper or machine gunner but I use commando's in attacks already and snipers for defense. I just don't like how slow the sniper is in battle. I assume when you get bogged down with bombardiers they come in handy. For defense, I like the fact that the bombardier can shoot over things but I'm not sure how effective they are for PvP attacks, I rarely see them level up as veterans.

              I just never liked using sharpshooters when I could use the sniper instead.

              The rocketeer seems better for offense, bombardier for defense. I used to use merc's on attacks because of his range but went back to rangers with good success. I also don't use medics or surgeons on my PvP attacks, maybe that is a mistake? I see more and cheap units as a plus on attacks and higher end units for defense.
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                Bombardiers are easy in pvp against bombardiers bases i always have 5 gold bombardiers at the end off my battle


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                  @RolexHoster Everything you said got nerfed because the majority of players were fed up with losing their battles. So they shouted their displeasure and the devs adapted GU to satisfy the majority of the shouting players, which makes sense to me. But this is it, the result is there, everything must be nerf! Tank trap, sniper tower, sandbag, bombardiers, ai pathfinding etc etc...

                  health and happiness!