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Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! New Veteran Medals!

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  • Live Item News: GUNS UP! Sneak Peek! New Veteran Medals!

    Attention soldiers! We’ve got another Sneak Peek into some of the new content headed to GU! with the incoming 3.50 Update! Today, we’re gonna briefly touch on the new Veteran Medals! Similar to your normal Units’ Medals, these Veteran Medals will require you to meet a specified criteria based on the Unit in question in order to earn a boost to that Unit’s stats once they’ve ranked up to Veteran Status! So now your Veteran Units will have an even greater value on the battlefield but only if you’re willing to go that extra mile and earn those Veteran Medals! So be sure to set your sights on the new Veteran Medals when they come to GU! in the 3.50 Update headed your way soon!

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  • #2
    Great. Many players asked for new medals.
    Good job, i cant wait to download this update!


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      Nice, my PSN account has been at 100% medals since a while, and now I will have some new Veteran medals to chase

      Will these Veteran Medals be specific to each unit type or one Veteran Medal to earn that will apply to all units that manage to reach Veteran status?
      Alliance: Helldivers
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      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        Each Unit will have their own Veteran Medal that they'll need to complete in order to earn the benefit to that Unit's Veteran ranks.

      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        Sounds good

        I hope this update comes with new Achievements / Trophies as well.

    • #4
      Can you guys add trenches and make an actual campaign please?


      • #5
        I'd prefer that it boost vertrean xp earn rate


        • cusman
          cusman commented
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          I am able to get 30+ veterans from scratch in many of my Alliance Battles. Some of them even end up being Tier 3 with the rest split between Tier 2 and Tier 1. Depends on unit type of course and the kind of Perks equipped (Damage + Fast Track works wonders).

          I prefer the Veteran benefits to get the additional boost should I manage to get any of my Veterans their Accolades Medal. I estimate it will take close to 50 hours (if not more) of play to get a specific unit type the 5000 Veteran count needed to get Accolades Medal.

      • #6
        Can you guys make a game mode where we can choose a country or province on the world map and have players represent different countries or armies like the Italians and Germans and fight for land to expand their faction (Allies,Entente,Central Powers,Axis Powers, Chinese United Front, and Comintern)? It would make the game much more interesting and you guys could probably make a campaign outta that. Also please add more ranger, commando, and medals please.....


        • #7
          Rip, is the game dead


          • #8
            Super dead. Super lame.


            • #9
              The game is fun. It better not be dead.


              • #10
                It’s not dead and it’s not lame. Really fun game to play.