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Announcement: Lvl 6 Perk issue resolution!

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  • Announcement: Lvl 6 Perk issue resolution!

    The GUNS UP! Team has implemented a server upgrade that we believe will solve the issues surrounding the Lvl 6 Perks reported by a handful of players. From this point forward, Lvl 6 Perks should be received at the time of the Upgrade without the need to reboot the title.

    If anyone else experiences this issue please reach out to us and provide as much detail on your situation as you can. Thanks.

    -The GU! Team

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    it's ok for me


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      Originally posted by Rabah_1989 View Post
      Wow, a meager 3% increase over Ultra for Minimum Wage but as high as 8% increase over Ultra for Unstoppable
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        Originally posted by cusman View Post

        Wow, a meager 3% increase over Ultra for Minimum Wage but as high as 8% increase over Ultra for Unstoppable
        Its a 5% increase actually. From 20% to 25%.

        I do wish unstoppable was higher though. I'd like to see it raised to 90% for diamond. Would it really break the game if they did that? They probably don't want to make the boots obsolete, but even if unstoppable was at 100%, there is still the fact that the tactical boots give all your units stagger resistance as well as immunity to barbwire. So you'd have to run Steady and Unstoppable with 100% slowdown (which of course isn't available) on all of your units, to match what the tactical boots do for you.

        And the thing that really confuses me about that is when you stack speed and unstoppable, there is the perception in your head that your units are just going to be so fast. But the reality is, you can barely tell the difference. They are slightly faster, but not as much as you'd think and certainly not enough to feel justified in running both.

        If nothing else though, unstoppable is good at least when you purposely want a unit to drag behind your other units, such as Sharpshooters or Snipers. You give your other units speed and those units unstoppable perks and just kind of follow behind without being left too far behind like they would normally if the base was heavily laden with barbwire. I do wish it was a little bit better than it is now though, but perhaps there is a good reason for it being the way it is.