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Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Content!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Content!

    GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Notes:
    • Fixed an issue where offloading processes caused the Decoy to remain onscreen past the intended time limit
    • Fixed a visual issue which showed building stats higher than the correct amount before upgrading

  • #2
    No more Love me long time Decoy glitch?



    • #3
      1. Now it seems it lasts less than intended...
      2. Can you please adress some more serious issues like the game crashing every half an hour or so


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        1. How long does it appear to last to you now? Can you provide video of this?
        2. What is the code/message that you receive when the game crashes?

    • #4
      1. Maybe 2 seconds idk, but it seems a lot less than the normal duration
      i m not talking about the extended due to whatever issue duration but the one it had like for example 2 months ago
      2. Sometimes its a blue screen, error CE 38700 8 (reported it with vid and screenshot) and sometimes a game error that forces a reset
      I ll get into more details on the second next time it occurs, thing is last 24 hours the game has crashed more than 10 times...


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        The Decoy should only last around 5 seconds on the field. If you have video of it only being up for 2, please send it my way when you get a chance.

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      Decoy seems more than fine and exactly like before in the games Ive played thanks for adressing the issue devs!


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        Ok maybe it was a one time thing, it's working properly from what i can tell
        not that i had many opportunities to test since after 2 attacks game crashed once again...
        at least i can tell you now the 2nd error i been getting except the CE 38700 8
        - server error - please restart the game and try again
        -818(03) MGAMECREATE
        is this sufficient?


        • SDS_Chase
          SDS_Chase commented
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          Thank you!

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        Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
        The Decoy should only last around 5 seconds on the field.

        I counted down each Decoy in gameplay from after Patch 3.51 on PS4 Pro and each Decoy used lasted around 5 seconds

        Furthermore I haven't checked all the Replays yet, but I have a sharp increase in Defend Victories. My base had been losing to some attackers because the Decoys were keeping my Defending troops & structures occupied for too long.

        I'll miss the 10 second Decoys, but 5 seconds is better for the Defend points
        Alliance: Helldivers
        YouTube Channel:


        • SD-PEER81
          SD-PEER81 commented
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          Thanks for the follow up c! Good to know that you're seeing this function as intended now.

        • cusman
          cusman commented
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          I watched 3 replays ( ) on Steam from after 3.51 and counted 6 decoy across the 3 replays all lasting around 5 seconds. So now I have verified that both PS4 Pro and Steam no longer have long lasting Decoy after Patch 3.51.

          Kudos to team for quick fix on the issue.

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        İ play this game 4 years this error ce 38700 always doing, i stop playing cause this error 1 year but its going on, fk your game they never do anything , its in every 5 minutes or 4 battle final , they eat our time again, clean this game or do someting , idiots can so something in years


        • revzi100
          revzi100 commented
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          you could always play something else if you feel this bad

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        I play GunsUp and I really like it, but honestly I think you should pay more attention to an update and fix some things in this game.
        1) The game hangs at 4 or 5 matches (I've seen it and many players complain about it and you do nothing)
        2) During the attack the game of several fought mainly in the intense exchange of shots.
        3) You can place a card combo option chosen by the attacking player, this way on the screen where the player chooses his cards for the attack the player would press Square or any other key and enter a screen to choose or create one. Card combo this way would make it faster and faster the player would choose their attack cards and would not have to load one by one would be great.
        4) The selling value of the green, blue and red chests is very cheap, I think the selling values ​​should be a little more valued for at least 60 ammunition and have an option to exchange for 5 gold.
        5) One thing that is very disturbing to the players I have contact with is the fact that when the player recycles 3-to-1 cards it often returns the same card you are recycling, meaningless if the player doesn't want that card should come back, should come a different letter from the 3 you put to recycle, unfortunate situation .....
        I would really like you to correct these problems ......
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