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Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Content!

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  • Announcement: GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Content!

    GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Notes:
    • Fixed an issue where offloading processes caused the Decoy to remain onscreen past the intended time limit
    • Fixed a visual issue which showed building stats higher than the correct amount before upgrading

  • #2
    No more Love me long time Decoy glitch?



    • #3
      1. Now it seems it lasts less than intended...
      2. Can you please adress some more serious issues like the game crashing every half an hour or so


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        1. How long does it appear to last to you now? Can you provide video of this?
        2. What is the code/message that you receive when the game crashes?

    • #4
      1. Maybe 2 seconds idk, but it seems a lot less than the normal duration
      i m not talking about the extended due to whatever issue duration but the one it had like for example 2 months ago
      2. Sometimes its a blue screen, error CE 38700 8 (reported it with vid and screenshot) and sometimes a game error that forces a reset
      I ll get into more details on the second next time it occurs, thing is last 24 hours the game has crashed more than 10 times...


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        The Decoy should only last around 5 seconds on the field. If you have video of it only being up for 2, please send it my way when you get a chance.

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      Decoy seems more than fine and exactly like before in the games Ive played thanks for adressing the issue devs!


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        Ok maybe it was a one time thing, it's working properly from what i can tell
        not that i had many opportunities to test since after 2 attacks game crashed once again...
        at least i can tell you now the 2nd error i been getting except the CE 38700 8
        - server error - please restart the game and try again
        -818(03) MGAMECREATE
        is this sufficient?


        • SDS_Chase
          SDS_Chase commented
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          Thank you!

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        Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
        The Decoy should only last around 5 seconds on the field.

        I counted down each Decoy in gameplay from after Patch 3.51 on PS4 Pro and each Decoy used lasted around 5 seconds

        Furthermore I haven't checked all the Replays yet, but I have a sharp increase in Defend Victories. My base had been losing to some attackers because the Decoys were keeping my Defending troops & structures occupied for too long.

        I'll miss the 10 second Decoys, but 5 seconds is better for the Defend points
        Alliance: Helldivers
        YouTube Channel:


        • SD-PEER81
          SD-PEER81 commented
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          Thanks for the follow up c! Good to know that you're seeing this function as intended now.

        • cusman
          cusman commented
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          I watched 3 replays ( ) on Steam from after 3.51 and counted 6 decoy across the 3 replays all lasting around 5 seconds. So now I have verified that both PS4 Pro and Steam no longer have long lasting Decoy after Patch 3.51.

          Kudos to team for quick fix on the issue.

      • #8
        İ play this game 4 years this error ce 38700 always doing, i stop playing cause this error 1 year but its going on, fk your game they never do anything , its in every 5 minutes or 4 battle final , they eat our time again, clean this game or do someting , idiots can so something in years


        • revzi100
          revzi100 commented
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          you could always play something else if you feel this bad