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    I see a lot of people complaining about adding new structures and units. I am not against novelty, quite the contrary, but we must know what we are talking about. Adding new structures at what prices? Add time to our bases for the attackers? Which would mean that the attackers would have more time to beat our bases. This can lead to many purposes, I understand, but what types of sturcures are we talking about?

    The best is to discuss it, because it is not once an update will appear and will completely upset our habits of play that it will be necessary to come to cry.

    Personally, I find that there is nothing to change the game in terms of structures, but why not improve the system alliance battle, rewards and more. There is a lot to do.

    And about the bombers, they are perfect. There is nothing to touch on this side and they are the only convincing units in defense. No bombers, no more guns up.
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      Bombardiers r so great..,they r op,everyone knows that,however some of us can actually win on defense without them..,huh,imagine that. Not everyone is a copycat,just 75%+ of the population.The internet destroyed originality..,i dont blame you for being like everyone else,its the popular thing to do. 294 defense wins 140 losses..not everyone needs bombardiers. ...hell,half the time i dont even have vets..hah.
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