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Do bug reports ever get answered??

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  • Do bug reports ever get answered??

    Mine is report #4150 if anyone cares to advise me...

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    they answered mine


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      Nope good luck with that


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        I can't think of a case where my Bug Report got answered / updated here once issue fixed but in some instances there are inquiries for more information and try recommendations of things to try so I do know they do work on and resolve reported issues. They just not very good about completing that communication loop for reported Bug Report cases that get fixed or ones they choose to ignore because they consider something part of game design or just failed to track.

        The patch notes cannot be relied to figure it out if your reported issue got handled because sometimes cover such fixes with generic descriptions like bug fixes.

        A simple update for them on each bug they fix stating fixed in upcoming patch would be sufficient, but it is a small team and whatever they track resolution internally isn't cascaded back up to whomever reported the issue to begin with.
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          You are correct C, closing the individual report loop is something that we could be better at. Having said that, we try to do that in the broadest terms possible through forum Announcements and Game Update Notes but we also understand that this can sometimes not be the most effective approach to doing so especially when certain issues were not addressed in a specific update. Conversely, it can be a bit daunting for the team to respond to each bug report with a "this has been resolved" response especially when they are multiple reports on the same issue. As a team, we are working to create a more effective communication's flow to allow for better responses to the community on issues they may be experiencing. Thank you for the constructive feedback.

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        Originally posted by Tiki308 View Post
        Mine is report #4150 if anyone cares to advise me...
        Bug reports do get responded to although we may not have the reach to respond to each individual report, especially when multiple reports have been made on the same issue. In such instances, its usually the first few reports of that type that we utilize to gain the information necessary to further investigate the issue. After looking at your report, it seems as though you are having issues connecting to the title. If you can provide me with additional info in a PM such as your network connection type, a PS internet connection test, or any other info you think could help us to better investigate your specific issue it would be greatly appreciated.