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Perks disapearing

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  • Perks disapearing

    This happened aobut 5-10 minutes ago. I just got the update. I accessed the screen to add and remove perks from soldiers. After reconfiguring some of my soldiers with different perks, I noticed that my perks were disappearing. Please help me with this. I've lost some of my best/favorite perks. I have no idea whether this is the right way to contacting admins for help. If there something else I should do, please let me know. I'm super bumbed about this.

    UPDATE: I went back to the perk configuraiton page and now even my lower teir perks are disappearing. What's going on?

    UPDATE 2: I just restarted the client and may perks appaer to be back. I hope they're all there.
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    Thanks for the updates! Please let us know if you notice anything missing or if the issue occurs again. Also, could you give me an example of one of the Units and Perks that this issue occurred with so that we can look into this issue further? Thanks.


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      Had the same thing happen to me when I first loaded the new update. I saw this post beforehand so I just restarted the game and it fixed it. I noticed my unit loadout was MIA as well until I restarted the game.


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        I got the same problem when I started it now after the update. All Perks were gone and no units were assigned before a battle as it usually is. Restarted the game and all was back. But still I cannot play the game. As soon as I select an opponent and clicks attack, the game gives an error message. Also, I cannot select opponent with the mouse, nothing then happens. I need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.


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          It still keeps happening, I cannot play at all. I have restarted it 3 times, still get this message while starting an PVP game. So do I have to wait a couple of weeks until next update until I can play or will you fix this asap?Click image for larger version

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            Had played this game a year ago on PS4 and enjoyed it and just picked it up on Steam. I was having fun up until i noticed the Perks were disappearing when I was swapping them off a Medic and Grenade Launcher a Bronze and Silver Perks, So Mad. Searched the forums and saw the solution was to restart the game, found them all in my inventory. Whew. Thanks for the tips! Terrible Bug though.