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Still experiencing game crashes during CPU defend

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  • Still experiencing game crashes during CPU defend

    So as the topic goes, still experiencing crashes during CPU defends, PVP has no issues or crashes.

    The game was running more stable between 3.10 and 3.11 with less crashes.

    It's usually, always an access violation (0xc0000005)

    Usually when reading from location ffffffff

    Or writing to location 00000025

    I've even caused a privelege instructor error/crash, I have a log to prove it, when playing game.exe in admin and different compatibility modes. Im not too familiar with Mono and how it is applied with unity but thats pretty weird.

    I only have this issue and crashes with this game, and my system has been very stable with great framerates for other high perfomance titles. So to me it does not seem likely. I used a lot of system calls in my own programming and games, and have had no issues. Your game is the only Unity application that causes this problem for me.

    Most common issue in debug output before crash prior to update 3.10, after the avatar pool was exhausted cpp Line: 42

    Now, its after this new output since the updates

    Can not play disabled audio source

    (Filename: Line: 432)

    If I played with the controller and switch between the mouse Ill get crashes after switching to different inputs, not everytime but very common log. If I play with the mouse and unplug headphones and controller I crash less often and actually finish CPU defends.

    The other time it was really common to see crashes during the output:

    GfxDevice: create device client; threadred=1
    Posts the same line a view times and than...


    You cant place widgets on a layer different than UIPanel that manages them.

    Ive seen players experience this access violation (0xc00000005) error with Hearthstone and other Unity games.

    I've ran memtest and 0 errors with my ram, updated and verified no outdated or corrupt drivers. All thats left is a fresh OS install and game install, that will rule out corrupt registry. It's like a bad pointer, or lack of pointer to all data and parametres required in a called object. In my experience, it is usually when you have a pointer to Null or point to unallocated memory. Something is going on in memory management, causing an issue when allocating/deallocating memory for the avatar pool. Or its overshooting a loop.

    I feel like a program or background service on my system that needs access to a kernel module, shares a memory address with your game. One of your arrays, or stacks in the game overflows into a protected memory range or uses an address shared with a protected call? You may have some problematic pointers, or I have conflicting software installed.

    Is it just me or has the dev team seen a lot of this access violation issue? Be honest.

    I hope this information helps and we can figure out whats causing me these issues.

    Even happy to discuss in PM - Im hoping GregN may have some insight.

    I am looking for actual answers here with some technical repsonses, and not some vague, we will look into it .

    I need some actual troubleshooting here, its been an issue for a while and your updates are not fixing it.

    Thanks again for your time!

    Edit: My first crash report ever was unique, never saw it again, occured at 2017 - 10 - 18_025926.

    KERNALBASE.dll caused a Breakpoint (0x80000003) in module KERNALBASE.dll

    Edit2: I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well a couple days ago, issues still occurring upto an hour or so ago.
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    We're looking in to it.


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      Well one of three things has happened.

      I've either located the issue and resolved it on my end, I'd be happy to share what I found.


      Pure coincidence that I've just had 5 CPU defends in a row, without crash. Still micro stutters but no crashes, or was this just a big fluke?


      It was a server side issue and you guys resolved it, but haven't mentioned it to me?

      I'll keep testing and let you know.


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        Hey B, any addition info you have on this issue would be greatly appreciated especially if you think you know what the deal is/was!


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          Well whatever is handling the audio driver input was causing an issue when I was using the Turtle Beach headset. In the OS system system settings, I would disable the monitor sound output in order to transfer control to the Turtle Beach headset driver.

          So I just play through my tv with no headphones and that has eliminated the following crash/error:

          Can not play disabled audio source

          (Filename: Line: 432)

          No longer see it.

          I still have multiple access violation crashes almost daily, although they occur a lot less frequently. Its still the same address and errors as mention in my original post, excluding the disabled audio source error. I believe the latest crash was last night, possibly before the last update? The game has been more stable for me than it has in the past month and a half.

          I also encountered a new glitch in the last 48 hours, where both my pvp and cpu defend matches stop spawning enemy units. My units spawned and posted on sandbags from start, than no auto spawn of my units either. I could restart and enter new matches, it did not correct itself until I restarted the game client. No crash or error report.

          My current leaderboard has a time of 94 minutes but no enemies spawned, timer still running. There were 2 cpu defends, and 1 pvp match I entered where the no spawn glitch occured.

          There is definitely an error allocating and deallocating memory for units/enemy ai/avatar pool.

          I have a feeling some players noticed it before, indentified the address that was causing the issue, and have been exploiting it. I have not located it, I'd look into the cpu defend leaderboards for obvious exploit use by players and check the server side logs to identify what is happening.

          There is only so much I can assume from a user end without seeing the actual code when the error is occuring. I can submit the last crash I had, any ideas in how they want to proceed?
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