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Reporting jiangweiswat

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  • Reporting jiangweiswat

    Player: jiangweiswat
    Alliance: ----
    Reason: Hacking

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    Getting sick of this shit

    I reported him 5 days ago why is he not banned and removed ?

    I faced him again today and lost another alliance battle


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      Also he has been reported many times already before and nothing has been done, just search in his name on this forum and you will see reports

      Wake up devs !
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        They don't do shit and cheating getting worse I have reported him and others too.


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          Look how many of PC players have every single hero perk, regular perks, win lose ratio, watch special drops I would say almost all PC players cheat on some level, whether its acquisition of hero perks, perks, extra drop, munitions, troop health manipulation it's become a total JOKE! They accept the fact that their first customers the PS4 customers are at a total disadvantage since Only the PC PLAYERS CAN CHEAT! What kind of a reputable company lets their software be so easily hacked and they open up their platform to STEAM TO DESTROY AND ERODE THEIR GAME FURTHER. They know their is wide scale, massive cheating that is negatively affecting all PS4 customers and at the root of it they truthfully don't care. STEAM AND PC SHOULD BE SEPERATED! Yes I know you can shut off cross platform play but you have to be penalized by doing so and are unable to play ALLIANCE BATTLES. NOW THINK ABOUT WHAT I JUST SAID. YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT CHEATING ON A WHOLE SCALE SCHEME TO BE ABLE TO PLAY IN ALLIANCE BATTLES. WHAT REPUTABLE COMPANY TELLS YOU,THAT YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT WHOLE SCALE CHEATING OR YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE. REALLY? What a F--cking joke!


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            Sorry, we were out of the office during this time for holiday break. This is the Veteran bug that is plaguing a number of people and not a cheat that we can tell. We will have a look at his account and see if we can notice any issues where his vets earned broke the cap and if we can fix the fact that they are all being served up during a defense. This is a constant top priority for us right now and during the last few patches. We just don't have any solid leads. We're trying to stay ahead of it as much as possible.


            • Slinger_69
              Slinger_69 commented
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              When he's attacking he's using cheats that have nothing to do with vets, he has a hacked spawn time literally building certain units just seconds apart, faster than you can even build grunts, plus they are always in 2's. I watched his whole attack and every unit spawned double, nit just a few every single build!

            • SDS-GregN
              SDS-GregN commented
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              His veterans have been dealt with. Do you have video of this alleged hacked spawn time?? We have a number of anticheat measures in place and he has not appeared on any of them so while we agree the vet bug was an exploit, we will need more details surrounding this latest accusation.