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Transport Truck breaking Through Walls

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  • Transport Truck breaking Through Walls

    Hello Forum

    Today i saw the enemy transport truck drive right through one of my walls...

    And i have left plenty of space for the truck to drive another way (Screenshots)

    Or can the truck not move trhough all ruins?

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    Most of the times it’s just a replay glitch. You have to pay attention to where the units spawn from...the truck may seem to drive thru rocks but the units are spawning from another spot away from the truck. The spot where units spawn is where the truck was during the attack and the “ghost” truck is a glitch.


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      Well, the problem is not its driving through rocks

      But yeah, i watched the replay, and it destroyed the walls, and units ran through the "hole" where the truck drove through ...


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        Ohh that? Yeah the truck will find the “easiest” way. It will try to go around tank traps but can and will break walls to make a path, this has been happening for a long time...since I started playing playing the truck has done what you experience.


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          Trucks can go through ruins and smash through walls. Its just part of the strategy of the game.

          I have experienced PC players using ghosting though before, which I assume is a glitch or cheat. There is really no way of knowing for sure with just this screenshot though. I'd have to see video of the battle to know for sure.


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            Uhm, those vids ?

            What are they showing ?