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  • More exploits

    Exploit 1

    Look at this positioning of a unit boxed in walls. This confuses my units and they act retarded near the box going up and down circle around not knowing what to shoot at


    Exploit 2

    This right here is a setup that confuses your units and they go up and down circle around one side then other instead of direct attack getting wasted easily


    Exploit 3

    Another sniper one I reported before. Sniper tower can shoot at transport truck but not units as well my units can't shoot at this sniper tower therefore as soon as transport truck gets near this sniper tower destroys the truck


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    It's hard to tell from simply a screenshot but most it looks as if most of these set-ups intend on taking advantage of the Unit AI by creating pathing loops/traps that cause the Units to attempt to target Units/Structures that are difficult for them to reach. While these types of setups can be frustrating for attackers, in most cases, simply destroying a particular wall or Unit cluster will cause the Defender's entire strategy to fall apart.


    • CrazyPenguin*PC
      CrazyPenguin*PC commented
      Editing a comment
      Destroying this does not destroy their entire strategy for their defense, there are checkpoints and more defense waiting behind or in front

      This means you will waste all or most of your specials to destroy a single unit or a sniper tower where usually these types of exploits are covered with max level walls or those anti tank X things. This specially goes for the Sniper Tower exploit where on 1 Sniper tower that does not even shoot at your units you need to waste most aerial specials to brake it (you can't even know if they use this exploit to bring and waste 1 slot for paratroopers). But not to mention those who use 2-3 same type Sniper Towers exploits. Then you are just screwed and need to wait and hope to get extreme luck getting just every special right in time

      This is a problem. Since units get confused and act completely retarded. They waste time, waste munition because they get wasted easily and waste your specials on a stupid defense type that should be easy to destroy. They walk around in circles up and down instead of attacking the enemy. This is a dirty way to defend and this is what this game is becoming based on now