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40 specials drop - is this normal?

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  • 40 specials drop - is this normal?

    My enemy received a 40 special drop, multiple times.
    As in screenshot?

    Is this normal?

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    Yes, that's the 40 munitions that drop during normal intervals when attacking. If he received 40 SPECIALS, NOT MUNITIONS, then he'd be a big fat cheaterface.


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      Hmmm...that's a weird one as the 40 munitions text looks like its on top of a Decoy special icon instead of the munitions icon. Looking into this one.


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        Its just munitions he dont get 40 decoys. So nope hes not a cheater last 2 weeks i see this more and more but when u look to the munitions u will see it go up with 40


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          I've seen this many times already, and yes there is an icon of special (not an icon of munitions) and then number on it. I didn't know that you can receive munitions and special at the same time...


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            I've personally seen that a ton of times in my replays.


            • SD-PEER81
              SD-PEER81 commented
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              Okay, so maybe its just a visual issue that has to do with it being a replay! I noticed that the player was on PS4 and, while its not impossible, it would require a significantly more work and 'expertise" to pull off a PS4 game hack than it would a PC one. In any case, I'll keep an eye out for similar situations. Thanks all.