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Reporting bug/cheater

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  • Reporting bug/cheater

    while i was watching my base defence battles i came accros the player sbyouxi he won from my base what is not something special but the way he did it is by hacking in money and suport cards most of them focus fire. in the end i think the player got a total of around 30.000-40.000 amunition every time getting back up to 21.000 and about 30 or more focus fires it whent to fast to count hoe many.

    i have added pictures as proof. if you look in the bottum you see at what time he recieves his "cards" i stoped making fotos in the end becouse i think 25 fotos might be enough

    im bringing this to your attention so you can do something about it and maybe figure out how he does it and stop it from happening again.

    sorry for my typing mistakes.
    name in the game and troop load out plus cards he brought witch are 0 getting 21.000 munition getting focus fires

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    Yeah that's just terrible.


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      Think that's sumthin....check dis out....
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        Nati, those sniper towers are making sweet love.