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"Lag stumble"

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  • "Lag stumble"

    If you go to your base and bring out the left-hand menu, and then just press down on your controller to flick through the menu entries at fullest speed, you will notice that every 5 seconds or so there is a pause -- a "lag stumble", so to speak. "Big deal", you might say, but this very same kind of stumble has led to wrongfully placed specials for me on more than one occasion, and every once in a while I will deploy a veteran in error.

    To get rid of this would be such a great QoS to me.

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    Lag stumble trolls me when I go to select specials, and start the nightmare match instead without any specials :O

    Daniel666Garcia, I feel your pain bro lol
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      It's a frame per second stutter, the game drops down into single digits sometimes, especially with bombardiers blasting away, I guess you just have to play the lag or maybe ps4 pro boost mode might help.


      • Chlaenius
        Chlaenius commented
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        It's an oddity, though, because as I mentioned you can see this in action when just idling hovering over your base and flick through the menu. Maybe it has to do with the network trafic?

      • Bartek2468
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        Like you said Chlaenius. It feels chubby even when not in battle, while simply browsing through stuff, assigning perks or designing your base, not to mention the battlefield. To me this simply indicates a poor design.

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      I have to bump this thread, as this issue has grown to become my absolute biggest gripe with the game. It is especially tiresome when it occurs just as you are about to deploy a special, making it go somewhere completely different compared to what you intended.

      Can we get an official word on the matter? Are the developers aware of it? Is it being looked into?


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        I second this motion.....all in favor say AYE!!!