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Alliance Points Not Recieved After A Win???

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  • Alliance Points Not Recieved After A Win???

    I just got done defeating a base and got a 3 star so I should've been rewarded 30 points. At the end of the battle it gave me the 30 points and so I was then at 1530. When I got back to my base however I was back to 1500 points and not rewarded the 30 I deserve....I deserve....cmon gimme those 30 points back. I am uploading a video of this bug as we speak and will leave a link to the video when it is live.

    link -
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    Thanks for the info Mr. I'm asking the team to take a look at this and see what the issue is here so that we can make sure you get the AB points you deserve.

    Quick questions, did you notice if these points were added to your AB points on the next time you booted GU!?
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      Hi Yuck. There was an issue with a few games not processing that was resolved yesterday afternoon. I see you at 1530 now, which should be that missing game. Thanks for reporting!


      • Mr__Yuck__
        Mr__Yuck__ commented
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        Yeah I don't recall if I ended up playing another ab after that match or not. Just something to keep an eye on in case this does happen again. Sorry for not getting back to you guys sooner but haven't been able to get on and reply to any messages lately as my job in rl was taking up much of my time.

      • cRoWz_-pR
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        Hey i just lvled up to 26 and didnt recieve the epic card pack how can i get it ?

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      The rewards of the alliances are very bad! A lot of effort to be among the top 5 in the world. And still in the second season diminished more the prize. Unfortunately it does not compensate anymore for alliance playing.


      • GUNSUP_QA
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        Hi KAWAI__. The reward card pack contents haven't changed since alliance battles launched. We're always looking to improve the experience and appreciate your feedback..

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      Hey just lvl up to 26 and didnt receive epic card pack reward how do i get it?