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Bulletproof mission bugged?

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  • Bulletproof mission bugged?


    The bulletproof mission "Score a 5x killstreak" seems to be stuck on 3/5. I'm not really sure what the mission is about either, 5 units killed in a row? 5 wins in a row? The first 3 matches I did it went up by 1 per match, been stuck after the 3rd match though.


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    I'm dumb.. its 50 kills without one of my units dying right? And so far 30 is the most i've achieved and that's why its stuck on 3?


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      Any tips on achieving this?


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        Use, smoke dude!


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          Originally posted by Corposjuh View Post
          Any tips on achieving this?
          Check this video

          PS4/Steam: odytsak


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            You have to get a 5x Killstreak 5 times.

            The way to do it is to use lot of Riot units and no weak units (like Grunts that can be killed in single mortar strike). Complement the Riots with some long range hard hitting units. If you have Surgeons, use a couple of those. No harm using couple of Medics either.

            Best way to gather up lot of Riot units is to use Rally Flag and Faster Cooldown Perk on the Riot units. Use Decoy or Tear Gas as needed to keep your front line alive.

            If you don't have Riots yet (get at level 30), you can either Rent or use the Engineer for similar role but you will have to use Medics to complement the Engineers to keep them alive.

            As a plus point, this is also the easy way to train up Veterans (Commandos, Snipers, Rocketeers, etc). Use just a few, keep them behind the Riots, let them do all the damage while Riots basically stun targets for it.


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              Thanks cusman, but its 5x only once. Just got a 94 killstreak hehe. Used riot (rented), flamer, medic, rangers and engineer. With 4 rally flags and just killed enemy units at my truck


              • cusman
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                Ah, well there will be another Daily Mission at some point that wants you to get the 5x multiplier 5 times and now you know how to do it