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Veterans are not obeying Defense Order to Find Cover

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  • Veterans are not obeying Defense Order to Find Cover

    why not? they charge right on out of my base, yet i have enough cover spots for them to pick one while still accomodating my tent-spawned troops..

    here's a video demonstrating the order is selected and my tent troops use the cover, while the veterans ignore it and charge the frontline..
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    Pay them more....


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      Did you click on "find cover"? I made the mistake multiple times by just hovering over it without clicking and then backing out. If this is not it, then make sure your sandbags are not too close to a structure or obstacle.


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        yes the find cover order is selected, i've tried selecting the other orders and reselected find cover, thinking that new veterans may not have received the order, but none of the veterans find cover. my tent-spawned troops do, so it's not a matter of improper placement of cover, the veterans simply do not obey this order.


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          It may have something to do with how far out the cover positions are in your base, but regardless, your video shows the bug so hopefully one of the developers will view the same and add it to their bug list to fix.
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