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Truck soaking up friendly bullets

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  • Truck soaking up friendly bullets

    In case you haven't noticed. It's been weeks and weeks since you introduced a new bug where friendly bullets won’t fly through the truck. So when facing an enemy with an auto-deploy-paratroopers card, they will most likely drop right on the truck. At that moment they can’t be hit by anything other than splash fire because they are in the same spot as the truck, which is much bigger and sits in the way of your troops bullets. It’s very frustrating, I’ve lost a few elite veterans this way. If you somehow don’t get what I mean, please play your own game. Go against an enemy who has paratroopers, stand and wait till HQ forced reach your truck which will at that point start to shoot. Paratroopers will get deployed right on its spot, try to kill them using non splash damage.

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    Thanks for the info B! I've asked the team to look into this issue. If you can provide a vid of this issue occurring it would help immensely. Thanks


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      That happens when paratroopers landing exactly in the truck,
      they can do 50-75% damage in the truck before attack units succeed to kill them.

      Maybe it's not a good idea for paratroopers perks until this bug is fixed.
      Paratroopers with ultra damage and fire rate perks can destroy the truck in 2 seconds.
      PS4/Steam: odytsak


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        @sdpeer I previously posted 2 videos in topic "paratroopers issue #2" Good examples of this problem.


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          Bartek2468 made that thread in case that helps speed your search.


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            PS4/Steam: odytsak


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              Yeah I wasn't trying to be an a**, I just have a feeling that this bug is being overlooked while it remains a pretty annoying issue. Steve, as you can see this was brought up before. You even reacted to the topic and asked for a vid, now you do so again. It makes me wonder if you guys consistently log issues we report here.


              • SD-PEER81
                SD-PEER81 commented
                Editing a comment
                This is an issue that is definitely on the list of "to-do's" however, as you can imagine, some issues take precedent over others. The more evidence that I can provide (e.g. videos, bug reports, forum posts) on a specific issue the easier it is to get that issue moved up on the list.