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Hold off on new content please!!!

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  • Hold off on new content please!!!

    I think a lot of people would agree. Thank you for the effort to keep game fresh, but PLEASE work on what's broke!

    1). CPU defense waves been jacked up for weeks. Crashes after spending 15 minutes doing when only 30-50 troops left. Hence no rewards time wasted. Waves not advancing playing same defense waves forever. Also have had crashes as you go into it.

    2). Daily rations broke.

    3). Cpu endless battle option bleeds memory and will crash after so long, again losing all progress on medals, munitions etc.

    Its been frustrating lately to spend so much time on certain aspects of the game only to receive NOTHING EXCEPT A BLUE SCREEN CRASH.

    I am sure others can add other bugs, I have more too, but am seeing red after my 2nd crash on a defense wave at the very end.

    I do not want to not credit you for more content, but as nice as the new load screen looks, I would gladly trade for all my wasted time and lost rewards and progress.

    Thank you for reading when you do.

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    Maybe just shut the defend waves down! Crapped out for third time upon completion! Had 2 missions done, no credit for either back to square one again. My one defend mission I have had for 2 weeks now because defenses crash, this is getting SICK!


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      Sorry. But i don't agree. I do understand your frustration and the points you make are valid. I have them myself too, but still would like to see New content. I do bot believe devs have to choose between New content and fixing errorcrashes. I prefer to see both done


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        People quit when whats suppose to be relaxing fun, turns into total frustration, wasted time and feelings of being screwed out of your effort.


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          I used to lose a few people from one alliance season to another in our alliance, last season lost 1/2 our players, seriously 50% went totally awol....not a good sign long term.


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            I have worked in the computer related industry for many years (hardware and software) and our golden rule was if it is broke, fix it, before making any additions

            That way the new additions will not compound the fault seeking process

            Unfortunately were are now seeing what happens if this rule is ignored

            The question then arises, did the new content cause the errors or was it one of the pre existing ones

            I love new content in the game, but not at the expense of being unable to play it at an acceptable level


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              It has been so long since we got new units or structures. I love bug fixes, but i do love new content as well.


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                We all love new content, but with every bit of new content there are so many errors. Broken rations is a result of latest, spend time fixing old errors, imhave defend missions that sitting because the defense waves been broke for weeks. People are quitting over frustration
                , I am on verge myself. I guess they have to weigh will they keep more people with new content or lose people with frustration. Personally I see more people quitting. Game has potential but remember its a game, its suppose to be fun. I was so worked up last night with 3 total crashes on defense waves. Between reload times, time spent playing and almost completing the waves, and even completing one to only have crashes, eliminating all that time spend FOR NOTHING! That's what gets people to quit. The new load screen is awesome looking, but actually pisses me off seeing the time spent on that when I am looking at a blue screen crash. I have sent at least 75-100 blue screen crash reports, quite possibly more over the last month. That is a lot of frustration for something I use to relax.......