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  • Until when?

    Today, again, I missed another of many other battles because of server instability. I made a complaint and no positioning of the GU Team. To make things even more enjoyable, I lost an extra AB battle a few minutes after restarting the game. I lost all my resources. In the past I made a similar post and no acquisition of what I spent to start the battle was returned, of course they would not, after all I "had not" how to prove. With this evidence attached will you developers refund me of my losses or will they once again shit in the minds of their consumers? You far outweigh the ability to test the players' patience with such disregard for the evidently urgent issues that are ruining this game.
    Obviously this is one of those texts where nothing will be done even when the minimum would be the return of that lost by the inefficiency of the company, but who knows now it works. I already had my gold "subtracted" in another series of disconnects and nothing was resolved. I think I should start praying before playing GU.
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    Exactly what did you lose and under what circumstances were these losses incurred?


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      AB i lose 3k, tatical boots, ff, paratroopers and decoy. In another normal fight the same but 2k in place of 3k. Others was decoys, paratroopers and "excedentes" (i dont know how is it in english. The message appears in any minute of game. My only choice is confirm the reset and lose everything. I already lose another fight trying to farm one more extra batlhe in AB.
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