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Let us control the truck!

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  • Let us control the truck!

    With all the flaws of the game, give us the ability to at least back up truck.

    With sniper bullets going 3-4 screen lengths and bullets not acting in any natural way at least give us common sense.

    No transport truck would just sit idly by while supernatural bullets travel artificial distances with 100% accuracy. Would you just sit in your truck and get repeatly shot? No you would back up at the very least unless you were stoned out of your mind.

    This would seem like and easy fix. The game could still do the pathing just a button that moves truck forward with the current programming and can move the truck in reverse with the games natural pathing if you reach a structure that is shooting the truck from off the screen or a position you can not even retaliate against.

    Its kinda stupid to run into a base that shots your truck and you can't even shoot back, move the truck or anything. If sniper bullets don't fade after distance in either accuracy or damage kinda defeats the spirit of the game.

    You can even make it an automatic programmed feature that after receiving an amount of damage the truck just backs up. I don't think it needs to be a massive feature just some level of control on our truck.

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    The simple fix to to only allow HQ defend squads or when the vets come out HQ be able to damage truck.