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Crashed again....why not give us something for our trouble????

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  • Crashed again....why not give us something for our trouble????

    Okay a defend wave crashed again!!!

    Another 20 minutes wasted, no results, no rewards, no progress on missions!!!!!

    I send a report every time, you have probably 30, 40 who knows it's happened SO MUCH!!!

    You know it's a problem, barely an apology, so what we are dumb enough to keep playing.

    Yes, I am angry! Why not a frickin occasional card pack from our reports, why not something!!!

    Yes, ALSO FIX THE CRASHES, BUT WHY NOT TRY TO SATISFY A LITTLE FRUSTRATION! You know something sad, I have actually surrendered defend waves I was clearly winning so that my progress on missions wouldn't be lost. THATS SAD!

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    I agree....

    However, you might want to tone it down a bit... I understand your frustration, but yelling at the developers will not make them solve the problems which you have presented any faster.

    I see that you are angry, I probably would be angry too, but you could at least report this issue in a calm manner... Be Professional about it


    • Slinger_69
      Slinger_69 commented
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      Doubt they listen unless there is money in it for them. Game has been so buggy last few months I guess I am just souring on the whole thing. I have seen so many I know just quit. I am just feeling like a fool who has wasted so much time in a game that is probably gonna die prematurely for lack of caring for the players.

      I can't even play endless CPU defense waves without fear of crashing, after 30 minutes it starts lagging so bad if I don't surrender I lose all progress because I know its gonna crash but when. I can probably easily get to 2-3 hours but on 2 occasions it crashed at over an hour. On both those I saw progress on my medals for my boozaka troop reach over 300/400 and after each crash all progress went back down to 190/400 so theatrically that medal was 2 times over 300/400 but after each crash went back down to 190/400. So that's 2 hours wasted no munitions, no progress on medals nothing! I don't even try using it to push the progress on that medal anymore it will get there when it gets there. 2 times yesterday I had a mission for 100 kills with mortar while defending but since 2 defend waves crashed with about 50 troops to kill it reset to zero . Another waste hour no rewards no progress. Just a total waste. I am the only fool in my house that still plays.

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    CPU Defend was never meant to be an "endless" encounter, which is why the reward drops stop after a certain amount of time. When these crashes do occur...what is the activity level on screen?


    • Slinger_69
      Slinger_69 commented
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      Usually troops stop walking. No problem killing them they are dying easily enough but they slow down, sometimes stop walking, even though nothing obstructs them. They almost seem obstructed by themselves. They will keep loading until they walk up to the cluster of troops not walking. Almost seems like there reaches an in game limit of troops the game can process. It does almost look like they truly obstruct themselves. Sometimes they start morphing through walls and even ingame terrain. They morph inside large rocks, even though they have large clear paths. Usually happens betw the 45 minute to 1 hour mark. Sometimes I get a warning where rubber banding starts happening and I can surrender otherwise sometimes the rate of fire slow to 1 shot from every few seconds and you know it's crashing any second but cant surrender because it's basically crashed the blue screen just hasn't caught up yet. I send a report everytime.

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    something strange happens to me too.. normal game until the minute 70 more or less, there they start to remain blocked without any obstacle the CPU attackers and suddenly are immune to my bullets, then appears 4 commando and two snipers and with a shot kill all my defenses and the game ends. I have saved games and I hope to upload the video so you can see the problem.


    • SD-PEER81
      SD-PEER81 commented
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      The Units that come out during the CPU Defend get progressively tougher as you continue, so you will find yourself running into seemingly "invincible" units the longer you go. In reality though, these Units are not actually invincible...just extremely hard to beat so they often end up wiping out your whole team before you can take them down.

    • robertcr505
      robertcr505 commented
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      Yeah, sometimes a group of them (Sniper, Rocketeer) will get "suspended" in action and stay in place. Eventually your units will kill them. When those 4 Rangers come out, you better have saved all your decoys and tear gas and hope you can hold them off! I haven't been able to yet but think its pretty exciting when they do come out. If you're sleeping, thats a wrap!