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Exclamation mark won't go away

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  • Exclamation mark won't go away

    Ssup GU Team. As I mentioned in another post, exclamation mark still appears next to a hat and won’t go away no matter what I do.

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    Deve ser um erro do aplicativo, desinstalei o aplicativo é reinstalei funcionou.


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      Originally posted by SOUZA-ZICA-11 View Post
      Deve ser um erro do aplicativo, desinstalei o aplicativo é reinstalei funcionou.
      In case you haven’t noticed the topic was crated in English, not Portuguese. Please stop spamming entire forum in your native language. It’s very annoying. Thank you.


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        Bump. What about this issue? It's still there. Even after scoring additional hats of that type from crates and switching back and forth between them (hoping to trigger "seen" event) it still won't go away. Also, normally when you open hat selection you see which hat within that particular category is new. Here the exclamation mark sits on the hat type, but when I open hat selection it doesn't show which one it actually concerns. That's probably the reason why I can't get rid of the exclamation mark. Is there anything I can do to make it go away? It's making me crazy. GU team please assist. Thanks.


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          Not even a single response. What an awesome support you run around here! The problem still persists. I've reinstalled the game but the damn marker still keeps on jumping. Is there like a cache or other game data I need to delete or something to make it go away? Again, please assist.


          • ZonaDeFuego
            ZonaDeFuego commented
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            I have the same problem but i dont care. That is a little issue that will be fixed in the future i'm sure.
            Forget about this or they fix it for you and maybe you have a new problem.
            And btw. Sometimes you'll win a hat, maybe forgt about it and the mark will remember you. xD

          • col1162
            col1162 commented
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            This is an issue I also have but it's minor. Wouldn't we rather have the major issues and glitches dealt with first that are numerous instead of an annoying explanation mark? Annoying, definitely. Livable yes. Check it once in a while just in case you missed something otherwise try to ignore it and perhaps it will at some point just go away.

            And Souza-Zica-11 was only trying to help, don't tear him down just because your frustrated and he spoke in his native language. Courtesy is a 2 way street. I hope you find a solution to your frustration. Have a blessed and and enjoy the game.

          • Bartek2468
            Bartek2468 commented
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            Col1162, if you have a suggestion as to how solve the issue, you're welcome to reply, otherwise please go be important somewhere else mkay. Also, this is an English thread. If I wanted an answer in Portugese I'd ask a question in Portugese.