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Pathing glitch.

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  • Pathing glitch.

    I am scared to post this here because every glitch hound is gonna be trying to use once posted, but now that anti air is such low priority it can almost be used as a wall. There have been a few bases now where I will destroy a wall and if the anti air blocks the destroyed wall, your troops will not shoot the anti air and look for another path as opposed to shooting it. Even though if the anti air is destroyed the path would be the easiest path it will close to go a long way around as opposed to shooting the AA gun right next to it. I even tested putting AA GUNS blocking paths and my observation is correct that they can now be used as blockers in some circumstances until all other targets within their range are killed first.

    I have made the choice not to use it to my advantage as so many are quick to do. I am posting hoping its corrected and not exploited since I have brought it up.

    Unfortunately I guarantee you many will be quick to exploit til its fixed.
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    This has been since the start of game. This is why the rally flag is so important


    • Slinger_69
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      Your turning into comic relief your always responding to everything that's not intended to you unless YOUR A FRICKEN DEV! Why not mind your own business!

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    NO ITS NEW! The AA GUN CAN LITERALLY BE 1 space away your troops may view it as a wall !


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    Furthermore dozzy what good is a rally flag when it should just shoot the AA GUN they are standing next to and then continue thru as opposed to going around the long way. If there's 2 paths one open and one closer with and AA GUN BLOCKING 1 HOW IS A DAMN RALLY FLAG GONNA DO ANYTHING. THEY UNDER THE CURRENT PROGRAMING ARE STILL ONLY GONNA HEAD OUT OF THEIR WAY ON THE OPEN PATH AS OPPOSED TO SHOOTING THE AA GUN THAT IS IN THEIR RANGE AND LINE OF FIRE JUST PRIORITIZED SO LOW WILL IGNORED TIL ITS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF GUN!


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      This has been here for a looong time, after 12k battles I would know. It’s placed right between the first set of rocks and a wall right in front of it. Destroy the wall but units ignore it and decide to walk around it. A lot of nightmares used to do this a while ago, some do it still.
      This is how nightmares used to this was some pathing BS not like the walk in the park we have now.
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        O Mendonça por um acaso isso ai é a base pesadelo que você fala..... Base de 10:00 minutos ????


        Enfrento bases bem piores, de 12:00 minutos 11:30 minutos, eu já sabia, seu pesadelo para mim não basta de um sonho. Boa noite amigo.


        • mendoza0206
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          Here maybe, you have beaten this base many many times befoare...I doubt it, your such a small worm in this game still that this type of bases is not even in your list yet

          Now post a video of YOU beating a true nightmare Btch

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        First, I’m NOT your friend SOUZA. Second some of this games toughest bases are just 5:30. The nightmare on this video is from over a year ago. And third STFU, can’t wait til your base shows up on my list...I’ll be looking for any Z bases.


        • SOUZA-ZICA-11
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          Tá bravinha é fica não coração isso faz mal para a alma 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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        Fique a vontade, até agora levei você na esportiva, mas a partir do momento que diz que não é meu amigo, já não lhe devo tanto respeito assim, perdedor. Procure minha base, e a ataque, você já joga a mais de um ano, tem por obrigação de vencer.