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No units or veterans for cpu defend.....

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  • No units or veterans for cpu defend.....

    So, I changed my base up a little bit 3 days ago. I moved walls, tank traps, snope towers, etc. Nothing special or out of the ordinary, but now NONE of my units spawn out of the tents. No veterans placed for defense either. No units whatsoever come out of my base or tents for any kind of defend now. WTF???? I've tried test base, cpu defend, and regular defense against other people and still no units spawn. It would be nice if the devs would at least respond to my email(s). Alliance season starts in 2 days and I would like for my base to be reday to go by then.

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    Anybody? Anyone? I've never posted on here but I'm guessing this is typical to not get a response......


    • Delusion*PC
      Delusion*PC commented
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      1. Check if you block the tents with close buildings/walls.
      2. If you base is closed and you have no exit path no units will spawn.
      3. Go to Headquarters and make sure vets to go for cover.

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    I've been playing for over a year now. I'm absolutEly sure this is not a blocking issue, it is a bug issue that needs to be addressed.... I've seen posts on here before with people having the same issue. Again I didn't move tents or block tents o change my path ing in any way. This is not a blocking issue, it is a issue with the game. Seriously this game has been the buggiest it has been this year since the update. I just wanna play like everyone else.


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      I'll try and post a link to a video to show you what exactly is happening so there is no confusion in about 3 hours....


      • SD-PEER81
        SD-PEER81 commented
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        A video would help us greatly in trying to determine what the issue is here.

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      Apparently, I did have a blocking issue.... Recruit_Life 07 fixed it 4 me. My guys couldn't go past my walls too close to my AA. Thank you for all the help