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Colonel not "commanding the troops"

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  • Colonel not "commanding the troops"

    I noticed that the colonel is not "commanding the troops". Not sure if is a bug.

    Play for a few days, and careful observation throughout, I didn't see him activate even once during PVP or CPU defense wave.

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    Aconteceu com meus amigos também, retire ele do seu pelotão, retire todos os benefícios nele empregado. Feche o aplicativo, reabra, jogue qualquer batalha sem ele, feche novamente o aplicativo, depois o coloque novamente com os benefícios veloz mira e saúde, no nível máximo que você tiver. Veja se voltou a funcionar.

    Google tradutor

    Happened to my friends too, remove him from his platoon, take away all the benefits in him employed. Close the application, reopen, play any battle without it, close the application again, then re-put it with the speedy miracle and health benefits at the maximum level you have. See if it works again
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      This was brought up in another thread a while back and I added my confirmation of the same results:

      I did submit a bug report as well. Looks like it came up again here:

      For me, it's very hit & miss now - sometimes he activates correctly for a few battles, and then he seems to be broken again for a while...

      Thanks for the tip though SOUZA, I will give that a try!


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        Can you please provide a video of this issue occurring when you get a chance? Thanks.


        • Caesar_SKL
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          I uploaded a YouTube video #8
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        I'll see if I can capture a short video tonight. That would make for a better illustration. It looks to me that he kind of starts the animation of waving his pistol in the air and then .... nothing.


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          Estamos ao bob, em tudo que possamos ajudar 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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            So I ran about 8 battles last night, and of course he was working as designed each time. I'll try to replicate the issue again tonight and then post the video.


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              I uploaded a YouTube video[PVP,CPU]

              Lasted for a few days still did not trigger "commanding the troops"

              PVP Video
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                Nice work Caesar! That's it exactly. Many opportunities there during which any one of them should have activated.


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                  It happens when you put him as veteran. If you notice, replays of your base defends will break halfway while he's there as vet as well. This bug has been untouched for a while by now.


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                    I never made the connection but sure enough, my replays crash all the time so I believe that must be it. Thanks so much for pointing this out.