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Zero defenses for second season

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  • Zero defenses for second season

    2nd season with no defenses and yet I hear others have 20. Something totally unfair here. Take out defense points until it's equal across the board. The season is a total cheat unless everyone is getting similiar defense attempts. I have had over 500-1000 points a day during both so it's not the activity excuse. Please eliminate defense points until it's equal!!!

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    Then what would be the point in building a base that's worth a damn? Stash all buildings and recycle all base cards, no point even defending if you don't at least get something out of it. BTW, I average 800-1k points a day here lately during seasons. Last season I got attacked maybe 2 times. This season so far... 3. Only have about 40k-ish dogtags and still pretty new myself so maybe it'll increase when I get more dogtags I guess...


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      same here, not a single alliance defend for these short seasons


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        There is supposed to be a change in the mat gaming system for 3.10 update. Maybe it’ll increase the amount of players that can be matched against your base.


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          The league in front of the rankings will be more vulnerable to attack

          I 31 wins and 2 losses in 11 seasons