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No Troop Spawns for Several Minutes

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  • No Troop Spawns for Several Minutes

    Just watched a video where ID: sunxiaochuan on PC attacked me on Nov 28th and my three tent spawns did not spawn grunts for over a minute and half and the other two tents for snipers didnt spawn until over 2 minutes in - of course my base is going to die without these spawning. Why is this happening - it cant be because they are blocked because they do eventually spawn.

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    Did you happen to notice how of the Unit types spawned from the tents were already on the field? The tents will only spawn 3 of its assigned Unit type at a time. Until one of those 3 is killed it will not spawn another. Also, please upload the video to here so that I an take a look at it and get a better understanding of what the issue might be. Thanks.


    • larcklorn
      larcklorn commented
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      Any thoughts on what may be going on here?

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    Peer - thanks for posting back. The original video is no longer available for me to record (will remember to do so in the future), but I did do a test on my base. Link here:

    Commando: Grunts, Sergent, Grenadier (60 sec)
    Tent Top: Grunts (29 sec)
    Tent Mid: Sniper (96 sec)
    Tent Bottom: Sniper (96 sec)


    Start: 7:30
    Troop Counts
    * Snipers: 2
    * Grunts: 5
    * Usual Reserves

    See Command Spawn (6 Grunts, Sergent, Grenadier)

    See first new wave of tent Grunts

    Se 2nd wave of tent grunts

    See 2nd Command Spawn

    Riot Last Stand Spawns

    See 3rd wave of tent grunts

    See first new Sniper tents spawn x2

    See 3rd Command Spawn

    See 4th Command Spawn

    See 4th wave of tent grunts

    See 2nd Sniper tents spawn x2

    See 5th wave of Command Spawn


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      I encountered the same issue in CPU defense today. Started after I put down barbed wire, removing it doesn't help. Problem starts at 3 minutes (I restarted the game and, yes, booting takes *that* long).


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        Had another battle with another player and recorded the session so you could see the troop spawn issue. I feel lucky I am not loosing more battles: but Alliance is coming up soon and is going to be rough.


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          Result of rearranging items on the base: possibly identified the culprit as a tank trap at the very front of the base next to a sniper tower - when I replaced with sandbags it all started to click. I did remove tents and other structures in the back, but tested intermittently and it didnt start to work until that tank trap got moved.


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            Yeah, tents and HQ troops will not spawn if the path towards the end of the map is blocked. We are actually working on adding some iconography which will tell the player when this is happening.


            • Haze33E*PC
              Haze33E*PC commented
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              I think it would great if the pathing troops took between buildings didn't depend on the building placement collision footprint. I'm just assuming the troops use the same collision footprint as building mode from observing their movement moving through my base from the tents/HQ. It would be better if there was two separate collision footprints for buildings. For example I've noticed if you place AA guns right next to eachother without any gaps visually it looks like troops should be able to walk between them. But they can't because they depend on the same collision footprints that buildings have when placing them in building mode. If there was a separate slightly smaller footprint for troop collision on each building troops could still get through between buildings butted up against each other.

              In his Youtube video it visually looks like the troops should be able to walk between his sniper tower and the tank trap. But the building collision footprint is blocking the pathing.