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Alliance chat messages not being displayed

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  • Alliance chat messages not being displayed

    Since the update alliance chat messages by PC players are not showing on the alliance chat.
    Text comes up similar to the following:
    XXXXXXXX sent a message but it cannot be displayed.

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    Are you a European PS4 Player?

    Due to Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Legal Policy,
    cross platform Alliance chat between SIEE PS4 players and Steam users is restricted.
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


    • KittenHuffer
      KittenHuffer commented
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      This is the first time that I've seen this message coming up.
      I'll have to check but I'm fairly sure that messages from PC players were displaying fine before the latest update.
      And the fact that it has only happened since the update suggests that the update might be the cause.

    • KittenHuffer
      KittenHuffer commented
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      And yes, I am a European PS4 player!

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    I play in london and im just about finished downloading 3.10. Please tell me no lags or interferences.


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      Have just been back over older Alliance Chat messages and lots of the same type of message have now appeared.
      These messages were not being displayed before the latest update, so I think that the latest update is displaying the fact that a message has been sent but which cannot be displayed. My guess is that before the update nothing was being displayed.

      How are we supposed to integrate our Steam members into our Alliance if we're unable to communicate with them?
      Are our Steam members able to see messages from PS4 players? If not then they could join our Alliance, not see any messages, think that they've joined a dead alliance .... and leave!

      I'm surprised that when Steam was merged into GU that nobody planned a way around this problem. Or even bothered to tell the players that they wouldn't be able to communicate across platforms.


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        Steam users can see everything in Alliance chat,
        also American and Asian PS4 players,
        only European PS4 players can't see Steam users posts.
        PS4/Steam: odytsak


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          Well, finally a reason for me to feel glad about Brexit ....... What? You mean that even after we leave Europe we'll still be classed as being in Europe?!?

          I have to say that this situation is a bit beedin' stupid!
          I bet someone is gonna tell me that it's to do with the Data Protection Act, or some other BS like that!


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            It's a Sony thing.