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Red crates are a total scam!

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  • Red crates are a total scam!

    I have opened 6 red crates in a row and have got ZERO hero perks. Through all my playing I have accumulated 14 hero perks only 1 of those is a volunteer and ZERO endless clips.

    How is it that such a HIGH percentage of players I constantly am matched against have several volunteer perks and several endless clips these seem like common perks with high percentage of players I see that have them. My sons account is 15 lvls lower than mine and he has 3 endless clips and 2 volunteers perks.

    It can not be just bad luck! Now 6 red crates in a row and I don't even get one of the crappy ones just more if the same perks I have and dumb lvl 1 and 2 hats.

    I need some clarity on this issue. I am actually dumb enough to have spent probably 300 dollars this game over the last year and half. I can not believe that it is so easy for so many low levels to have multiple of these and I can even get one of the emdless clips or even a second volunteer. I don't even get hero perks in my red crates anymore. I really believe no one cares if people who have spent money on this game walk away. If I saw some fairness I would continue to spend.

    Please respond.
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    some people have the worst luck, one of my alliance members can’t seem to get hardly any hero perks, meanwhile others get then left and right. He got one today, a scavenger perk 😂.


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      All gambling implementations in video games and real life are a scam

      Even if you had bought those Hero Perk packs at those high prices, you still would have been at the mercy of the gambling mechanic. Since those aren't offered any more, if you want Hero Perks, all you can do is keep opening the Red Unit Crates as you are able and hope that eventually luck rolls you something you want instead of waste of time / money that gambling mechanic provides.
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      • Slinger_69
        Slinger_69 commented
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        I actually believe the game trys to reward weaker players with better perks to try or level the field. The more I talk to people this seems to be the case. I am 💯% positive that the game more strongly rewards newer players or lower level and penalizes longer more established players.

      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        Seems some regulatory oversight would be good for all game themed online casinos using RNG drops based on uncapped $ spending.

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      The game is so greedy, gold costs a fortune and if you don't spend real money it takes forever to achieve anything in this game. I'm lvl 45, but not impressed with the rewards for spending as many hours playing.


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        could be worse, they could allow you to open duplicate hero cards you have already found.

        any game with card pack will have inherent rng


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          Hero perks are only good for defending, any base...and I mean ANY base can be beaten without hero perks and without using veterans. Keys drop very often, I’m at 50 keys as of now...and I already opened 2 red crates. I got a poison resist perk in one (no surprise there) and a volunteer hero perk in the other one. I’m a very strong believer that you get rewarded depending on the opponents you face, the harder opponents the better rewards.


          • cusman
            cusman commented
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            Weird to see someone experienced saying Hero perks are only good for defending. I see plenty of use of Volunteer perk giving very strong advantage to attackers.