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Please respond, no one ever responds to this topic!

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  • Please respond, no one ever responds to this topic!

    DEFENSE WAVES are broke, they have been broke for so long I don't even know anymore. EVEN IF YOU DON'T play them they crash your game when they appear. We should not have to restart the game every time a broken feature appears. It's obviously it has something to do with the timer or something related to the playable option on a defense wave appears because there's a 90% chance it crashes during the attempt of playing the wave or even if you ignore it and decline to play it YOU WILL GET A BLUE SCREEN within 5-8 minutes if it appearing even if you don't play it.

    Please either temporarily disable it from appearing or as I have mentioned it before add it as an option where by logging on you can just play one maybe as a daily reward, kinda like bonus alliance battles. Maybe 1 a day until 5 days logged in then maybe increase it. As it is structured now the timer that is attached to the programming of it is just a problem.

    Please give some feedback!

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    What defend wave number are you at S? This seems to be one of those issue that some players see all of the time and others never come across so any additional info you can provide on your experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    • Slinger_69
      Slinger_69 commented
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      I am at defend wave 215, I try 1-2 times a week to see if anything changes about once every 3-4 weeks I get one that won't crash. To put it in perspective I was at wave 195, 8 months ago, I haven't actually lost one in a year. I will surrender because if i happen to complete a mission, I know the blue screen will wipe out my progress.

      The crash always typically happen with betw 50-200 troops remaining, oddly enough it happens with no slowdown of frames like in the past.

      Another important fact is even if I don't play just select the skip option the game will ALWAYS CRASH on either next 1 or 2 regular battles played instead.

      This is why I am convinced it has something to do with the timer of the defense waves. Its seems like the blue screen crash occurs approximately 10-12 minutes after the first appearance of the wave option to play it no matter if I am playing the wave or regular battles. Since defense waves can last 15 or more minutes that's seems to be why the waves crash with 50-200 troops left.

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    The details you provided will be helpful for us when reproducing this in QA. Thank you.