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Glitch with Decoy special

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  • Glitch with Decoy special

    While watching base defend I have noticed that the Decoy special is not working the way that it should (or that I've misunderstood how it is supposed to work).

    Troops in range of the Decoy and with Line Of Sight (LOS) shoot at the Decoy while it is there.
    But what I am also seeing is that troops in range but with no LOS will just sit there not shooting at anything until the Decoy disappears.

    If this is not supposed to be the way it works then it is currently broken.
    If this is supposed to be the way it works then the Decoy is far more powerful than I thought.

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    Here's a video of the effect:
    Watch the set of snipers at the top. They're happily shooting away into the choke point. When the decoy is placed at the bottom they just stop ...... until the decoy disappears!
    They can't see the decoy cos they don't shoot at it, but instead of continuing to fire into the enemy they just stop and do nothing.


    • Bartek2468
      Bartek2468 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yeah.. it’s being “passed on”. This bug is old as the game itself. It used to affect buildings in the same way as well (buildings not in the line of sight to decoy stop shooting), not sure if it got fixed by now, but I don’t think so, given same behaviour on units.

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    Thanks for the vid KH. Passing this along to the team for further investigation.