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Bad to Worse Path Finding (Bug Report)

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  • Bad to Worse Path Finding (Bug Report)

    I have had my PSN account base this way for a while. Someone that got matched to my base for Alliance Base messaged me that I am "reported for bug the base".

    So I watched the replay

    What I see is new behavior showing path finding has gone from bad to worse. I saw couple of other victory replays and same thing tripping up attackers. My base used to win without this happening because all I am really after is to make them use 1 or more Focus Fire before they get to the real choke of my base (what they should save their Focus Fire for).

    I don't need their units going nuts. That I am sure is upsetting for the attackers because it feels very wrong.
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    The funniest thing is, he kind of did it to himself by using the FF that way. True, his troops ignoring the tower and AA and turning back is just silly, but I think it must be just at that point where his troops calculate the other route is the only viable option. That is a difficult fix.

    PS: if he was smarter with his paratroopers he could have saved his FF


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      Long time ago when I first started playing I was on here and said Paratroopers are awesome and should be part of random drops during battles but others responded saying no, paratroopers are crap and they don't want to be getting them over other options.

      I have continued to use Paratroopers as one of my attack cards through 50 levels on PSN and nearly 50 levels on Steam, so obviously I disagree with that.

      The starting part of my own base on PSN (in the video here) is weaker to Paratroopers than Focus Fire. I prefer it this way. Most attackers don't bring Paratroopers, and even less use them optimally.

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    As far as I can tell it is the same hunting/looping behavior which occurs whenever the gap between the 2 ruins is blocked by walls. Units turning away from non-obscured targets has been a problem for some time as well. I think it might have to do with the difference between path hunting range (if it exists) and weapon range. Units with longer weapon range (bombardiers, commando, mg, medic, merc) are better at attacking targets which are in an area closed to pathing.
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      I don't know if this is related really but I think I ran into a similar issue

      as you can see, I tried to focus fire a couple walls to get around a barbed wire and make a shortcut, but it failed, then for some reason they started attacking a completely different wall without my command. it seems they clearly thought they could go through it or something, you can see the grunt trying but... then they seemingly got the idea that it was sealed off and it was necessary to break though it


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        Thank you both for posting these videos here.


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          You are welcome. Especially if it helps to improve the situation

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        Haha, he put his Paratroopers right in the basement on that one. lol