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Network timeouts are a problem again

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  • Network timeouts are a problem again

    In the last two days I'm suddenly getting network timeouts again, twice in the last 15 minutes.
    And all of a sudden they require a complete game reset to recover from!?!?!
    The same fault a couple of weeks ago would have tried to reconnect rather than immediately do a game reset.

    Can somebody please explain why a simple network timeout requires that the game shut down and restart.
    Oh, but then we're not likely to get an answer or a fix until the Christmas season is over!

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    You probably played during a not so convenient time(probably the matchmaking adjustments, like what was mentioned in their holiday announcement post) where “things are happening in the background of the GU! servers”, for example, changes to the game and it will eventually clear itself up. The game might have to reset for changes to take affect.

    In terms of the explanation for why, I would like to know too, although I do remember reasons told from previous discussions of issues with the game, something like, making changes on the fly not working too well with players with inconsistent internet connections, but for awhile, I just thought the GU! servers we’re not good enough, plus don’t forget the “bugs”, the unaware, ongoing, maybe even overlooked issues, etc., or maybe an “outage”. I just wanted to say that these server related issues like the network timeout errors are nothing new and have consistently affected this game and players for some time now. I’ve come to realize that those players affected by these errors are probably already use to it just like I was when I played, even before live release. I hope you get the answers you’re looking for.