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Tent bug

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  • Tent bug

    I changed my base recently and now I'm noticing that all 3 tents will only let 3 troops on the map at once and I know they aren't blocked. This is with snipers and engineers.

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    It's not a bug.
    Tent supports up to three simultaneous waves.
    If cover is available, will populate with one Tent spawn at start of battle.
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


    • Liuk1787
      Liuk1787 commented
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      my troops no longer stand in defense of my base, I do not understand why!

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    Mine doing same thing. Vets not defending base no more liuk1787


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      mE3 on steam


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        So you have your Vets set to Defend HQ and instead...what are you seeing them do?


        • theAskACapper
          theAskACapper commented
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          have the team bring up my steam base "AskACapper" nothing spawns after my base redesign. nothing spawns. no HQ troops nothing

        • SD-PEER81
          SD-PEER81 commented
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          Do you have the "no spawn" icon appearing on your tents/HQ after your redesign? If so, this sounds like something may be blocking your troops' path forward. If you run a test base and play as normal (i.e. destroying defending Units and structures) do the troops eventually spawn from their tents/HQ points? If so, then it's most likely that there is a structure (e.g. bunker, tower, mortar, sandbag) that is blocking the path forward. The easiest way to tell which structure is blocking is to see which one was destroyed prior to the Units beginning to spawn. Afterwards, simply reposition that structure and see if it clears up your issue.