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Wave defence lagging and than crashing with the infamous blue screen.

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  • Wave defence lagging and than crashing with the infamous blue screen.

    Why is this issue still here?

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    Not only wafe defend i waisted already 17 free extra ab then error restarts game thing no bleu screen. I sended that to sd-speer on psn but he say the team will look into this but what u get any answord nope


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      It’s an ongoing debate. I’ve had it months. Some say it’s a PlayStation error others say it’s a guns up thing. It’s annoying I think it’s about time this issue was resolved once and for all some clear explanation I’ve done everything I’ve been told to do reinstall game. Reset ps initialise ps it goes on and on this crashing of the game has jus got to stop. I put money into this game on a very regular basis love the game cmon whoever n put the fault to bed total rant ova lol


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        The game would have to be re-released under Guns Up 2 or something. We would all have to start from scratch. I’ve played other free psn games and I can’t say I have encountered any problems like the ones plaguing GU, the only other app that crashed was crackle.


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          Regardless of what the Guns Up! developers claim, I think it is clearly a memory leak issue where their game engine becomes unstable on PS4 / PS4 Pro and then you eventually get the Blue Screen.

          If you play for close to 1 hour, the game is already having some issues, and then if you play CPU Defend or Defend Wave, use a Tear Gas to collect a bunch of attackers together and then use a Mine to blow them all up and there is a good chance the game will start choking and gets reduced to something like 5 frames per second.

          In this state if you do anything to get the loading screen, something will timeout and then you get the Blue Screen error.

          I have really beastly PC on which I play (compared to PS4), so I am not able to replicate the same on Steam but I imagine people who play on a potato / laptop with specs more similar to PS4 / PS4 Pro, you might be able to get unstable in same way.
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