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My HQ cards don't stay on my HQ

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  • My HQ cards don't stay on my HQ

    Please, I need help, I'm brazilian, and every time I login in my game, only grenade launcher card are on my HQ, every time i need to put my others HQ cards, it's terrible to play, every wave, I need to set all my HQ cards, and my HQ is more easy to attack, I love the game, but this bug is horrible. I see others players talking about it in the forum, but nobody answer them.
    Sorry about the English
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    i have been noticing that almost like they werent there....i lost a few cards in that way


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      Are these cards being returned to your inventory or are they simply gone? I'll ask the team to take a look at your accounts.


      • PedroHCLR
        PedroHCLR commented
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        They return to my inventory. Every time I play the game, my veteran options and HQ cards reset. So all the attack I get is without my advantages, every time I log in I put all the options, but when I leave, they already come back, only the greande launcher stays. My base gets weaker with this, I've complained before and I've seen other players complaining about this same bug, but nobody answers, it looks like the game is abandoned. I'm at a big disadvantage with this and I'm getting discouraged from playing this game. Please, help-me..

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      Okay, I have the team looking into this issue and will update on the forums as soon as I have some new info. Thanks.


      • iceangel19132
        iceangel19132 commented
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        Can you fix this problem because it's very annoying. They are trashing my base and I know this is apart of it.

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      I have the same exact issue on my account. So im hoping you can fix and post solution


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        My Hq cards keep disappearing off my base everytime I log off too


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          This is still a major issue. I made a post just the other day about this (didn't find this topic with a search)

          I see an admin was "looking into" this 5 months ago but absolutely no update or fix yet.

          Seems many people are suffering from this issue, we need a FIX!


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            Update, and new glitch.

            My mercenaries last stand card was stuck in my HQ, and no matter what I changed it to, it would always remove all other cards and put mercenaries back.

            I sold my mercenaries card to try and reset it. Well, I still have mercenaries on my HQ but no card, and the old problem is still there

            Is there honestly nobody looking into this game breaking issue?


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              Update again: because apparently the devs are completely useless on this bug forum.

              I upgrade my HQ from level 3 to level 4 and now the problem has sort of fixed. My HQ cards and Vet orders stay when I log off but I still have the glitched mercenaries card that I previously sold


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                I ve just lost my commando card, due to bug with card utilisation. It says "something goes wrong" and reboots the game. After that my card has disappeared.