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  • GUNS UP! - Game Updates

    GUNS UP! Updates List:

    GUNS UP! 04-27-18 Server Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue which caused users to lose defend report and Alliance chat data. Fix is not retroactive.

    GUNS UP! 3.54 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue where the Colonels would not activate their special after ranking up to veteran
    • Fixed an issue where crates could not be bought with gold after purchasing a gold bundle via the post-game screen

    GUNS UP! 3.53 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue where cards displayed the incorrect rarity before revealed on the victory screen

    GUNS UP! 04-03-18 Server Update Notes

    • Fixed an issue that prohibited multiple gifts to be sent when the list of users exceeded a certain threshold.

    GUNS UP! 3.52 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an error that occurred when using Focus Fire which could cause sounds to cut out or stutter

    GUNS UP! 3.51 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue where offloading processes caused the Decoy to remain onscreen past the intended time limit
    • Fixed a visual issue which showed building stats higher than the correct amount before upgrading

    GUNS UP! 03-20-18 Server Update Notes:
    • Fixed an issue where certain boost cards received from campaign opponents would not appear in the campaign chest.

    GUNS UP! 3.50 Update Notes:

    • Added new Level 6 Diamond Perks obtainable by upgrading level 5 perks
    • Added 8 new hats
    • Increased the speed of card animations for common and uncommon cards when opening packs
    • Increased the contents of the attack card pack from 6 to 10
    • Added 25 keys to the starting inventory of new players
    • Made tuning changes to the Sharpshooter, Mercenary, Bombardier, and Machine Gunner
    • Added Veteran medals which boost veteran stats for units
    • Fixed an issue where boost cards wouldn’t appear in the campaign chest
    • Fixed an issue where the attack card graphic would disappear after removing cards in the loadout
    • Added a safety to ensure decoys don’t remain onscreen indefinitely
    • Fixed an issue where units would ignore the focus fire while the rally flag was active
    • Fixed an Issue where announcement graphics would overlap during alliance battle loading
    • Fixed a display issue which showed the user losing dog tags at the end of the test base mode
    • Fixed an issue where an attacking player’s flag would override the defending player’s flag in replays
    • Added the detail text from healing hats to the hat assignment screen
    • Fixed a discrepancy between base power when displayed on the campaign map vs the player’s base
    • Removed the base power rating from the player profile
    • Fixed an issue where the breadcrumb for the daily ration wouldn’t appear until after visiting the depot
    • Fixed an issue where the “Surrender” and “Time Up” text wouldn’t display in replays
    • Fixed an issue where the rejected UI wouldn’t appear on specials shot by the AA in CPU Defend
    • Fixed an issue where help text was accessible on the map screen during the tutorial
    • Fixed an issue where the landmine would be shown as armed immediately after being placed
    • Fixed an issue where options wouldn’t be saved in the options menu during the tutorial after the app restarts
    • Fixed a display issue that didn’t show the bonus health on structures granted by the General Contractor command card
    • Fixed an issue that caused the alliance preview to be missing after changing the language filter
    • Fixed a display issue which didn’t show the next reward or leaderboard information on the CPU Defend button when unlocking it
    • Fixed a display issue which caused the health bars to not display during the basic tutorial

    • Fixed an issue which caused the defeat screen to be the incorrect size when changing resolutions in the middle of a battle

    GUNS UP! 3.42 Update Notes:

    • Implemented a fix to unit AI which ensures they will always find a path when blocked from the HQ
    • Fixed an issue which caused a fatal error when viewing Spec Ops details

    GUNS UP! 3.41 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue that caused units to behave erratically in some cases when all paths to the HQ were blocked
    • Fixed a problem which incorrectly placed a ‘+1’ card boost graphic on normal card rewards

    GUNS UP! 3.40 Update Notes:

    • Improved AI pathfinding to avoid dead ends and other exploits
    • Removed pathfinding from the Tank Trap
    • Moved daily rations to the depot screen
    • Overhauled the hat UI screen for unit customization
    • Added a pathway to hat selection for units via the perk selection screen
    • Fixed a memory leak that caused the client to crash after extended play
    • Increased munitions for fallback rewards in CPU Defend and reduced the points needed to earn curated rewards
    • Reduced the difficulty of Wave 15 in CPU Defend
    • Adjusted the mortar’s stats to increase in damage at higher structure levels
    • Added extra measures so that units would avoid clipping through the truck during combat
    • Fixed an issue where units would sometimes take small steps before firing when using a focus fire or a decoy
    • Fixed an issue where units would sometimes walk in circle when using a focus fire when multiple paths exist toward the target
    • Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Resourceful’ Trophy/Achievement to not unlock for some
    • Fixed an issue where the user would automatically return to the hub after being defeated in the tutorial
    • Fixed an issue that caused trophy text to appear in English when playing in Canadian French
    • Fixed various localization issues
    • Updated various screens to load on demand or to be cached in memory
    • Fixed an issue where the healing effect wouldn’t play on units with healing hats
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s structure would take on the color of their attacker in replays
    • Fixed in issue where the Riot shield wouldn’t display damage states in replays
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes units would spawn with a green color effect from previous CPU defend battles
    • Adjusted to footprint of the ruins to accurately reflect its restricted area.
    • Fixed an issue in replays where the Hazmat’s gas would not move position
    • Fixed an issue in replays where the Anti-Air animation would last longer in PVP
    • Fixed an issue where button prompts would be reversed in Asian languages
    • Removed the ‘Early Access’ unlock option from the first loadout and attack card clots.
    • Fixed an issue where an infinite load screen would appear behind the Player’s level in special cases
    • Increased the size of Alliance help text

    GUNS UP! 02-15-18 Server Update Notes:

    • Fixes an issue where defend reports could be lost

    GUNS UP! 3.31 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue where multi kills wouldn’t track on certain missions or the “Light ‘em Up” trophy/achievement
    • Fixed an issue where the medals button read as “Missions” in the barracks
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s level would show as ‘1’ in CPU Defend leaderboards

    • Fixed an instance where PC UI would appear in certain menus

    GUNS UP! 3.30 Update Notes:

    • Overhauled CPU Defend mode and implemented a score based leaderboard
    • Added server features that decrease subsequent loading times for those with high latency internet connections to the game server
    • Fixed an issue where tents and HQs would show a blocked spawn icon when the spawn wasn’t blocked
    • Changed the requirements for the Steamroller mission from 15 victories to 7
    • Fixed an issue where reload speed for hats would show -3% instead of +3%
    • Fixed an issue where swapping stick controls took away navigation on the map screen
    • Fixed an issue where the Badge of Honor trophy/Achievement wouldn’t unlock for a small group of players
    • Added additional information to user-facing ban messages
    • Updated and implemented additional anti-cheat measures
    • Fixed an issue where the “Rarity” text would appear twice in the barracks
    • Fixed a number of translation issues in various menus and screens
    • Fixed an issue where the alliance banner of an attacking player would appear incorrectly via defend reports
    • Fixed a situation where the game would force users out of the defeat screen during a test base or friends attack
    • Fixed a network issue that caused some players to receive an error when playing friend battles
    • Fixed a bug with AMD graphics cards that prevented players from being able to navigate the map screen and select the ‘Attack’ button with the mouse.
    • Fixed an issue where scrolling arrows couldn’t be clicked on
    • Fixed slow scrolling speed with the mouse wheel in the units tab of the Player Profile
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to select “place” on the build inventory screen
    • Fixed a problem where the defend wave icon is not clickable while in build mode

    GUNS UP! 01-18-18 Server Update Notes
    • Added server checks to ensure players can’t keep veterans passed the intended limit

    GUNS UP! 01-10-18 Server Update Notes
    • Bunker health and damage are being increased.
    • The range of the Anti-Air is being increased at lower levels to encourage earlier use
    • Wall health is being reduced to encourage more diverse base building
    • Tent spawn rate is being increased at levels 4-7

    GUNS UP! 3.20 Update Notes:

    • Added the ability to move diagonally with the D-pad when selecting opponents on the map screen.
    • Added a graphic over the tents and HQ which will explain when units won’t spawn due to all pathways being blocked
    • Tents no longer spawn pre-battle units onto cover if pathfinding is blocked
    • Added a “Defeat” animation that plays after you lose to an opponent and return to the map
    • Fixed an issue which sometimes allowed structures to be placed inside a like structure’s proximity
    • Stopped music from restarting when entering and exiting the loadout menu
    • Made a change to ensure the decorations counter is updated when removing decorations
    • Fixed an issue where some defensive structures wouldn’t contribute to the base power rating
    • Added an animation when unlocking unit medals
    • “Show Stats” now remains toggled between attacks
    • Fixed an issue which could cause breadcrumbs on the customization option to remain indefinitely
    • The Spec Ops widget on the Hub is now removed after completing a non-repeatable spec ops
    • Fixed a problem where changes to the banner would not appear in the preview image after playing a match or CPU defend
    • Fixed missing text on the munitions card when viewing the details of the resource crate
    • Fixed an issue where stats wouldn’t track on friendly battles
    • Changed the requirements for various missions to be better suited towards the new opponent difficulties.
    • Fixed a small graphical issue where the scroll bar would never reach the top or bottom of an inventory when grabbing it with the mouse
    • Fixed an issue where buttons would retain their mouse over cursor if the player right -clicked the button
    • Added sound effects when scrolling over available menu selections
    • Fixed various scaling issues when changing resolutions
    • Fixed an issue where tactical view wouldn’t activate with a controller
    • Fixed an issue where a tile graphic would be missing after assigning the last attack card and then entering the attack card menu again before PvP
    • Fixed the yellow scroll arrows in the defend history screen
    • Removed unnecessary yellow arrows above and below entries in the leaderboard
    • Fixed an issue which allowed players to click on alliances that weren’t being displayed in alliance discovery
    • Fixed an issue where text for the early units deal would clip when in windowed mode
    • Adjusted the click box for the info button on the alliance banner in the war menu
    • Ensured players are able to go to the gold store when trying to open a crate from the PvP results screen
    • Fixed an issue where the spawn rate text would not update when cycling through units for a tent using the arrow graphics

    GUNS UP! 3.13 Update Notes:

    • Fixed an issue where the Anti-Air area-of-effect graphic wouldn’t update with the Tachymetric command card
    • Fixed a graphical issue that would occur after changing the cross platform option
    • Fixed a graphical error that occurred after changing units with a level 7 tent
    • Fixed a graphical issue that would occur after locking Windows and returning to the game
    • Fixed the “place” button in build mode
    • Fixed an issue which allowed members of the same alliance to be matched with each other
    • Added checks to ensure Alliance Battles always serve an opponent
    • Fixed an issue where campaign progress wouldn’t be rewarded after a “Retry” attack

    GUNS UP! 3.12 Update Notes

    • Fixed an issue that caused some SIEE members to crash when opening the Alliance tab
    • Fixed an issues that caused some players to crash when entering a PvP Attack
    • Fixed a display issue that showed special characters in Alliance names as numbers and letters.
    • Fixed an issue that caused campaign maps to have less than 3 opponents
    • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate opponents to appear on the PvP map
    • Fixed an issue where defeated opponents would not clear on a PvP Map
    • Fixed an issue which would cause defend reports to not give rewards

    GUNS UP! 3.11 Update Notes:

    • Completing any mission, even during off season will now reward bonus Alliance battles.
    • Changed the matchmaking system for better attack distribution and to facilitate the Campaign Mode.
    • Added a graphic to represent extremely challenging opponents when retaliating.
    • Fixed memory leaks that would cause frequent crashes.
    • Gifting Depot now defaults to the Alliance member list.
    • Leaderboards now default to weekly.
    • Added messaging when cross platform alliance chat messages are blocked due to region restrictions.
    • Fixed an issue where unit stats wouldn’t display their boost from Medal modifiers.
    • Fixed an issue where alliance names and banners wouldn’t appear correctly when viewing an opponent via the replay menu.
    • Fixed a display issue when hovering over a tent in build mode.
    • Moved difficulty rating for Friends and Retaliations to use the same difficulty ranking system as PVP.

    • Fixed an issue where text wouldn’t fit in the drop-down box from the settings menu

    GUNS UP! 3.00 Update Notes

    • Halloween Event!
    • Rally flag improvements: Troops will always rally to the flag and stand closer
    • Tweaked bullet damage fall off to reduce truck damage from stray bullets
    • Adjusted target detection on sniper towers to stop them from shooting through small gaps
    • Implemented a new error message for banned players
    • Deprioritized HQ targeting so units wouldn’t ignore tents
    • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t see the level up flourish
    • Adjusted the camera in the initial tutorial battle
    • Adjusted Camera shake
    • Added an option to disable camera shake
    • Added an option to disable controller vibration
    • Added new regen hat modifier
    • Fixed an issue that caused friends to be unavailable for gifting
    • Fixed an issue that caused friends to be unavailable for gifting. Friends will still need to be an active player to receive gifts

    • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t cycle through CPU defend rewards with the mouse
    • Fixed an issue where the “Info” button on Alliance battles would disappear easily with a mouse
    • Moved the setting button on the intel screen for mouse and keyboard controls
    • Fixed an issue where veterans could be deployed by accident with a mouse
    • Fixed a display issue that would cause munitions not to return to your total when backing out of pvp
    • Added an option to disable pause when the window losses focus

    GUNS UP! 2.91.5 (v620.822) Update Notes

    • Enabled Gifting
    • Fixed an issue that would disable keyboard controls after text entry
    • Fixed an issue where Unit UI on tents would show through other menus
    • Fixed a problem in the menus that would cause the back button to disappear
    • Fixed an issue with a depot widget not leading to the correct banner customization
    • Added the ability to “retry” on more error messages.

    GUNS UP! 07-10-17 Server Update Notes

    • Fixed an issue which affected the alliance battle reset timer and adjusted alliance points for impacted users.

    GUNS UP! 06-10-17 Server Update Notes

    • Adjusted matchmaking to only serve opponents who are in an Alliance when selecting Alliance Battle

    GUNS UP! 2.91.4 (v620.793) Update Notes

    • Added new, detailed codes to error messages for more accurate debugging
    • Increased a secondary timeout value for better network connectivity

    GUNS UP! 2.91.3 (v620.790) Update Notes

    • Fixed cloud save state error
    • Various server optimizations

    • Fixed a display issue that caused building stats to display as zero
    • Fixed a text input issue that would cause players to lose keyboard controls

    GUNS UP! 2.91.2 (v620.785) Update Notes

    • Fixed a rare issue where player would lose functionality when returning to the hub and receiving a defend wave
    • Fixed an issue where a player could spawn veterans by clicking below the unit icons
    • Fixed an issue causing players to click “back” twice in order to exit the loadout screen
    • In certain scenarios added the ability to “retry” during server timeouts.
    • Server optimizations
    • Added additional error codes to server errors for the purpose of debugging
    • Removed the ability for a user to exploit a commonly used cheating method

    GUNS UP! on STEAM 2.91.1 Update Notes
    • Fixed an issue blocking users from attacking a friend's base
    • Server optimizations
    • Fixed an input loophole that allowed users to place like-buildings close together.

    GUNS UP! 2.91 Update Notes

    • Fixed mission tracker sliders appear off screen after resolution changes
    • Fixed user is unable to open the Alliance Battle info with mouse and keyboard in between seasons
    • Daily Rations no longer still read Available right after claiming
    • Banners not showing up for some users
    • Tutorial not pausing AI when it was supposed to
    • Defend reports not displaying rewards correctly
    • Personal Offers now take you directly to your inventory after purchasing on PC
    • Fixed a softlock when selecting the back button on the steam overlay during a purchase
    • Fixed a few controller configuration issues when using a X360 controller

    GUNS UP! 2.90 Update Notes
    • Fixed an issue where the default hat selection would appear as no hat
    • Fixed an issue where the toxic barrels didn’t show their effect
    • Adjusted small item collision so units could retaliate over small terrain
    • Adjusted the retaliation range of sniper towers
    • Introduced the Veteran Benefits Command Card
    • Introduced the Veteran Fast Track Perk
    • Introduced sale items to the depot
    • Removed daily alliance battles from a player when they leave an alliance.
    • Reduced distracting camera shake for various specials and structures
    • Exclamation mark now clears on hats
    • Added Gold Store Functionality to Steam
    • Added Gift Store button for a future feature undergoing compliance review
    • Added mouse over Audio for Steam
    • Added new intro sequence to the intro tutorial.

    GUNS UP! 12-09-17 Server Update Info:
    • Free Alliance Battles are now awarded after the next refresh when joining an Alliance during an active season
    • Alliance points from successful defends changed to 30 points from 60 points.

    GUNS UP! 23-08-17 Server Update Info:
    • Fixed an issue causing Accuracy perks to modify Fire Rate

    GUNS UP! 17-08-17 Server Update Info:
    • Adjusted Veteran Point earn rates for various assigned perks

    GUNS UP1 2.81 Update Notes:
    • Fixed an error that occurred when collecting daily rations above day 6.

    2.80 Update Notes:
    • Lowered the base dog tag requirement for bonus Alliance Battles.
    • Implemented progressive dog tag requirements for bonus Alliance Battles.
    • Increased drop rate for Munitions and Specials from 18 seconds to 15 seconds
    • Implemented PlayStation only experience
    • Added platform icons for player profiles and alliance leaderboards
    • Updated the intro sequence to an attack with a new cinematic
    • Fixed issue where having max decorations prevented building placement
    • Fixed issue with Defend Waves not incrementing after a victory

    GUNS UP! 02-08-17 Server Update Info:
    • Increased Defend Report count from 3 to 25

    GUNS UP! 21-07-17 Server Update Info:
    • Added a mechanism to move a player’s attack score to the current score floor in situations where it was lower.
    • Decreased the retaliation range of the Grenade Launcher Unit
    • Fixed an issue affecting a small number of players who logged into the GUNS UP! website after playing and would have their Alliance Battle dog tags incorrectly credited in game.
    • Decreased the retaliation range of the Rocketeer unit.

    2.71 Update Notes

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed memory leak which caused a crash after extended play
    • Fixed Veteran Orders not being saved

    2.70 Update Notes
    • Added Player Reporting Feature
    • Updated UI in the Build Inventory
    • Updated UI in the Medals Screen
    • Added Language Simplified Chinese
    • Added Player search in the Leaderboards
    • Changed Retaliation Ranges for the Sniper, Sharpshooter, Bombardier, and Rocketeer
    • Fixed Alliance Ranking display error in the info screen
    • Fixed a Rifle Clipping in the Sniper Tower
    • Fixed ability to exceed Build Points in specific situations
    • Fixed Small text in Alliance Bulletin
    • Fixed hitching in the Base destruction animation
    • Fixed Badge of Honor Trophy to work with new Alliance rewards
    • Fixed Alliance Badges not stacking in leaderboards

    2.60 Update Notes

    • New Alliance Tiers
      • Added Legendary and Champion Alliance tier
      • Also added additional Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers
      • Can now earn Alliance points from successful Alliance Defend Reports
      • Rival Alliance
    • UI Improvements
      • Changed the Inventory, Depot, Build Screen, and Perk Screen UI for a better User Experience
      • Changed the way Perks are displayed for Units
      • Can now upgrade Perk Cards when assigning Perks
      • Made it easier to upgrade cards in the inventory and access the card recycler
    • Bug Fixes
      • Pressing My Alliance in the Alliance leaderboards now works correctly
      • The percent to next tier widget on the My Alliance page displays correctly

    2.54 Update Notes

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Flamer not reporting kills for Medals and Missions
    • Fixed an error that would occur when performing a Base Reset (the reset would still take effect correctly after the reboot)
    • Fixed the square “My Alliance” button on the alliance leaderboards not showing the user’s alliance in the left panel on first press and not ever moving the cursor to the alliance’s position

    2.53 Update Notes

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue that would cause structures to become duplicated in bases after watching specific replays. In some cases, this would create an indestructible Headquarters that defending troops would incorrectly fire at.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause some replays to become unavailable
    • Fixed medal progress not displaying in the Barracks menu
    • Fixed missing names and incorrect skull graphics appearing on the PVP list after backing out of a Retaliation

    2.52 Update Notes

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed replays not uploading correctly
    • Fixed the General Contractor, Training Grounds, and Tachymetic Control Command Cards not displaying their benefits in the hub, despite still giving the benefit in-game
    • Fixed the Chemist unit not gaining Veteran Ranks
    • Fixed your own medals showing when viewing another player’s profile
    • Fixed an issue in the Loadout that would require one extra press of the circle button to back out of the loadout for each attack card that has been added. Pressing the circle button at least once, but not enough to fully leave the loadout would also cause any attack cards selected to appear with the wrong art.
    • Re-added missing text in the Build Store that shows at next level that a purchasable structure unlocks

    2.50 Update Notes

    • Trophies
      • Bronze - “Badge of Honor” - Be in an Alliance that receives a badge at the end of an Alliance Battle Season
      • Silver - “Impact Resistant” - Acquire a level 7 wall
    • Alliance Improvements
      • Alliance chats now grouped by date
      • Added a “Standings” widget to the Alliance Profile page
      • Season Info and timer now available before unlocking Alliance Battles
      • Added a preview badge for individual alliance contribution badges mid-season
      • Added a countdown timer for post-season processing
      • Added a button to easily view Alliance Leaderboards when not in an alliance
    • General
      • Increased purchasable limit on the Wall structure by 1 (at level 14)
      • Added color highlights to keywords in the objective text
      • Added steam community testers to credits

    Bug Fixes
    • A memory leak issue that would cause the game to crash to the blue screen after extended periods of play (several hours, 45+ games)
    • Training Grounds command card applies tent spawn cooldown modifier to enemy players
    • Riot units occasionally hit barbed wire instead of intended target when firing from barbed wire
    • There is no indication of multi-kills during CPU defend
    • Progress messages for the “Obliteration” medal don’t show up mid-game
    • Hub display for special operations still displays, despite not functioning, after a non-repeatable mission is completed and the award is given on the hub.
    • During CPU Defend mode, there is no visual indication on the amount of Dynamite or Build Points earned as rewards
    • After moving a placed building in the base, there is no sound effect when pressing circle to return the building to where it was
    • Removing a structure from the base and then starting an attack or defense can cause the structure to temporarily reappear in the base, and then appear in opponents' bases during attacks
    • Transport Truck kills are not counted for Missions or Tutorial Objectives that require kills from any source
    • When in game, the PVP Friends list does not update to include newly added friends until the title is rebooted
    • One-time purchase bundles remain in the in-game store after being purchased until the title is rebooted, causing the user to receive an error if they attempt to purchase the bundle again

    GUNS UP! 2.40 Update Notes

    • Added Daily, Weekly, and Monthly leaderboards for CPU Defend
    • New Structure Upgrade Levels:
      • Sniper Tower - Added levels 17-21
      • Bunker - Added levels 17-21
      • Wall - Added level 7

    • Optimization to improve the performance of the game when many destroyed buildings are onscreen at once
    • Optimization to improve the performance in menus on accounts with large bases

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed dog tags awarded from Defend Waves not updating until after doing your next PVP battle
    • Fixed resource requirements rarely showing up for the wrong crate in the inventory after scrapping a crate, which would cause an error to occur if you tried to open the crate
    • Fixed alliance battles not counting for missions that require Wins
    • Fixed users earning progress towards a bonus alliance battle when not in an alliance
    • Fixed an issue that caused full alliances to appear on the default alliance search page
    • Fixed incorrect sound effects playing when attempting to use valor when you don’t have the required amount
    • Fixed a rare issue that allowed users to assign more than one HQ Squad card
    • Fixed riot shield blocking friendly bullets in some cases
    • Fixed riot’s shots hitting barbed wire occasionally while standing in the barbed wire
    • Fixed training grounds card having an incorrect effect applied in some cases
    • Fixed issue with the bloodthirst perk not triggering when the unit was being healed by a medic

    2.30 Client Update Notes

    • Alliance Battles
      • Alliances can now complete in time-limited competitions called Seasons
      • Alliances will be ranked by total Alliance Points, which can be acquired by winning battles in the new game mode “Alliance Battle”
        • Alliance Battles awarded twice the normal amount of XP and pay out 5 cards for winning, each of which has a better than average chance to be a higher rarity card
        • Players will get three free Alliance Battles a day and can earn more by gaining Dog Tags in standard PVP or by purchasing additional battles with Gold
      • At the end of each season, Alliances and Individual Players will both receive special badges showing how they placed during the competition
        • Players will also receive exclusive card packs based on their Alliance’s performance
        • When the next season begins, all Alliances start fresh at 0 Alliance Points
    • Alliance Improvements (General)
      • Added an optional “Minimum Player Level to Join” setting for Alliances
      • Added Alliance Application Status indicators to the main Alliance screen
      • Added ability to switch the Custom Banner base items between your personal banner and your alliance banner
      • Alliance Home screen improvements, including a more usable ticker-style Bulletin display
      • Alliance Battle matchmaking and dog tag rewards currently mimicking 1 Red Skull opponent (subject to change as necessary)
    • New Trophies
      • “Resourceful” – Bronze – Play one more than your daily Alliance Battle limit
      • “Team Player” - Silver – Earn 300 Alliance Points in a Season

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed enemy units contributing progress towards medals and mission in CPU defend mode
    • Fixed structures occasionally not returning fire when their field of view is partially blocked
    • Added a check for the truck to stop if units further ahead have been fired upon by a blocked structure
    • Fixed tutorial objectives not being completable a second time, allowing users whose progress is reset to clear the objectives again
    • Fixed a display issue in the inventory that made resources appear to award double their actual value
    • Fixed Card Packs in the Inventory losing their lighting after combining or recycling three cards in the Card Combiner
    • Fixed Base Power rating no longer display until another structure is built or highlighted after removing a structure in Build Mode
    • Removed the unit selection sound when pressing the Left or Right directional buttons during a replay
    • Fixed an error that would occur if the mission timer reset while on the intel screen after completing a mission in CPU defend
    • Fixed veteran paratrooper units appearing as T-pose assault units in veteran menus
    • Fixed an issue that caused the scroll bar to display incorrectly when viewing different sized alliances
    • Fixed an error that would occur when accepting the application of a user that was already accepted by another alliance
    • Added "Full" designation for alliances with no empty spots
    • Fixed alliance search settings resetting automatically
    • Fixed alliance creation logic rejecting names after the user entered a valid name right after entering an invalid name
    • Fixed lag when scrolling quickly through large player lists
    • Improved player profile load time
    • Fix to update the alliance gold cost correctly when going from insufficient gold to sufficient gold or vice versa
    • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to interact with an alliance member that had since left the alliance
    • Fixed an issue in chat that would show demoting a player to Lieutenant as promoting to Lieutenant
    • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to access an application after losing that specific permission
    • Fixed hero units' hero perk slots not displaying in the player profile or base details screens
    • Fixed leaderboard ranks displaying incorrectly when scrolling through several pages of players
    • Fixed friends list becoming blank when scrolling through friends that haven't played GU in many months
    • Fixed an incorrect error about restricted accounts appearing when attempting to access the store from one region's game client on another region's PSN account
    • Fixed the circle button prompt being labeled "Cancel" instead of "Back" on the veteran management screen
    Known Issues
    • Boosts are not being applied or consumed during Alliance battles. You won't lose any of your boosts uses by doing alliance battles, but there are greyed out boost icons on the post-game screen.
    • The Alliance Leaderboards will not update with new info if the user enters any of the sub menus available on the leaderboards, including View Alliance Profile, Alliance Discovery Screen, and ). Rebooting will fix this issue, but avoiding these sub-menus will keep the leaderboard updating live while you play.
    • Music and SFX audio levels reset after update. Can be readjusted in the game settings menu.

    GUNS UP! 2.20 Update Content

    • Alliances
      • Create groups of up to 35 players
      • Live chat rooms and bulletin announcements that are only accessible by your alliance
      • Set member ranks, allowing varying levels of alliance control
      • Alliance Banner that’s displayed as part of each member’s player profile and placard
    • Command Card: Training Grounds
      • Tent spawn time reduced by 10%
    • Added additional Player Level icons
      • 56-60,65,70,80,90,100
    Click image for larger version

Name:	GU_Icons.png
Views:	2
Size:	167.6 KB
ID:	1534
    • Added Help screen to Missions menu

    • Increased saved messages in Alliance chat log from 25 to 75 (1-30-17)
    • Made an improvement to the variety of bases being seen in PVP in instances where there are several highly active players in a specific difficulty range
    • Adjusted the rate at which specific units gain veteran status
      • Ranger: -10%
      • Colonel: +5%
      • Engineer: -10%
      • Flamer: -25%
      • Bombardier: -30%
      • Chemist: -40%
      • Medic: -5%
      • Paratrooper: -30%
      • Merc: -10%
      • Grunt: -15%
      • Rocketeer: -10%
      • Sergeant: -10%
      • Riot: +50%
      • Assault: -20%
      • Surgeon: +10%

    Bug Fixes
    • Fix for the transport truck not progressing past walled-in structures
    • Fix for an issue in which the Poison Bullets perk caused units to stop dealing damage entirely
    • Fix for defend wave progress getting reset back to Wave 1
    • Fix for units not being able to deal damage when standing to close to each other (or structures)
    • Fix for Missions and Medals not showing progress notifications until the unit or structure that made progress on the mission has been killed or the match ends
    • Fix for customization menus not lacking certain button prompts
    • User is now taken to the Build Store when selecting a structure they are out of in the Build Inventory
    • Fix for the “Climbing the Ranks” Trophy not unlocking until level 26 if the title was closed before receiving the Trophy upon reaching level 25
    • Fix for the title occasionally hanging at the “Loading User Services…” process after crashing at the end of a PvP match
    • Fix for replays giving no indication of the battle result in instances of surrenders or timeouts
    • Fix for the Veteran Squad overlapping attacker loadouts when previewing replays

    GUNS UP! 20-12-16 Server Update Info
    • Sandbag Exploit Fix
      • Sandbags no longer block unit pathing. The original intent for sandbags was only to give cover to units, not to act as a second set of harder-to-destroy walls.
    • Additional Matchmaking Tools
      • We will now have more ways to improve the matchmaking experience. This will likely take a few days to get dialed in, but the end result should be bases more accurately representing their skull difficulties.
    • Replaced Legendary Card Pack level up rewards with Epic Card Packs for levels 50+
    • Corrected the requirement text to match the actual requirements for the following missions:
      • Overachiever, Pump Action, Star Performer
    • Reimplemented the following Mission tweaks:
      • · "Rampage" – Easy - Destroy 200 structures with the MG
        • Changed requirements to: Destroy 100 structures with the MG
      • "Spoils" - Easy - Gather 50,000 munitions from PVP
        • Turned on recycle
      • "Pump Action" - Easy - Kill 75 units with the Engineer in PVP
        • Changed requirements to: Kill 50 units with the Engineer in PVP
      • "Field Roast" – Medium - Kill 100 Grunts with Flamers
        • Changed requirements to: Kill 50 Grunts with Flamers
      • "Bulldozer" – Medium - Destroy 100 walls
        • Changed requirements to: Destroy 25 walls
        • Changed secondary reward to: 40000 mn
      • "Firepower" – Medium - Score 500 kills using Bunkers while defending
        • Changed requirements to: Score 200 kills using Bunkers while defending
      • "Controlled Demolition" – Medium - Destroy 20 walls with missiles
        • Changed requirements to: Destroy 15 walls with missiles
      • "Finish the Job" - Hard - Destroy 10 headquarters with a missile
        • Change requirements to: Destroy 3 headquarters with a missile
      • "Underdog" - Hard - Achieve a 5 attack win streak against nightmare opponents
        • Change requirements to: Achieve a 3 attack win streak against nightmare opponents
      • "Mobile Bunker" - Hard - Kill 15 units using the transport truck in one battle
        • Turned on recycle.
      • "Shut Down" - Hard - Snipe 5 Medics using Sniper Towers
        • Changed requirements to: Snipe 10 Medics using Sniper Towers
      • "Payback" - Hard - Blow up 50 Rocketeers using mines
        • Changed requirements to: Blow up 25 Rocketeers using mines
        • Turned on recycle.
      • "Sneak Attack" - Hard - Destroy 25 structures with Paratroopers
        • Changed requirements to: Destroy 15 structures with Paratroopers
        • Changed secondary reward to: 60000 mn
      • "Rolling Fortress" - Hard - Kill 20 units using the transport truck in one battle
        • Changed secondary reward to: Rare Card Pack

    GUNS UP! 2.18 Update Content:

    New Features:
    • Veterans
    • Individual units can now rank up to become veterans during battle based on the amount of damage they deal during that attack, granting them small stat boosts
    • Veteran units will persist between attacks and defenses until they die
    • There is a new menu within the HQ that allows you to control the behavior of your Veterans on defense: Attack the Enemy Truck, Find Cover, or Defend the HQ
    • Player Level Cap Expansion
    • The max player level has been removed. New player level icons have been added for several of the new levels.
    • Happy Holidays Event
    • Snowflake Attack Card – drop from PVP attacks. They can be used to increase the special drop rate during battle by 50% or combined into a Blizzard attack card.
    • Blizzard Attack Card – Can be used in battle to reduce the movement speed of enemy troops by 20% or combined into a Holiday Card Pack
    • Holiday Card Pack – Contains one Epic or higher card, two Rare or higher cards, and three hats, one of which is guaranteed to be Holiday Themed
    • Added language support for both Polish and Russian
    • Anniversary Gift Giveaway
    • All players receive two gift boxes with the following cards:
      • HQ Squad - 1 Surgeon, 2 Mercenaries, and 1 Grenade Launcher
      • Mohawk Hat - Level 2 Accuracy Bonus
      • Raptor Hat - Level 2 Damage Bonus
      • Last Stand Colonel Command Card
      • Dynamite Pack (10 Dynamite)
      • 3 Valor
      • Speed Perk Level 1
      • Resist Poison Perk Level 1
      • Rapid Deployment Perk Level 1
      • Fireproof Perk Level 1
      • 5 Riot Rental
      • 5 Engineer Rental
      • 5 Berserk Attack Cards
      • 5 Tactical Boots Attack Cards
      • 5 Tight Formation Attack Cards
      • 5 4X Munition Boost
      • 5 4X XP Boost
      • 5 +1 Card Boost
      • Custom Banner

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with buy-ins being present on the PVP Friends menu
    • Fixed an issue with units getting stuck on the edges of trees when being pushed into them
    • Fixed several inconsistencies in menu navigation sound effects
    • Fixed several localization text issues

    2.17 Update Content

    Hero Perks
    • New type of perk provides unique modifiers and behaviors to units, altering their strategy and specializing them in battle.
    • Can only be assigned to Hero Units and cannot be leveled up.
    • Found in Unit Crates and Card Packs.
    • If you’re worried whether your Grunts can get these special perks, have no fear! Regular units can now be promoted to Hero status using Valor.
    • Hero Perk - Bloodthirst:
      • Dealing damage heals this unit by 15% of the damage dealt.
    • Hero Perk - Volunteers:
      • 30% chance to spawn an additional unit.
    • Hero Perk - Endless Clips:
      • Killing a unit will completely refill the current clip.
    • Hero Perk - Poison Bullets:
      • Chance to fire poison coated bullets.
    • Hero Perk - Iron Lungs:
      • Immune to panic from poison, fire, and tear gas.
    • Hero Perk - Scavenger:
      • Increases Munitions gained by kills from this unit by 20%

    Mission Tweaks:
    • · "Rampage" – Easy - Destroy 200 structures with the MG
      • Changed requirements to: Destroy 100 structures with the MG
    • "Spoils" - Easy - Gather 50,000 munitions from PVP
      • Turned on recycle
    • "Pump Action" - Easy - Kill 75 units with the Engineer in PVP
      • Changed requirements to: Kill 50 units with the Engineer in PVP
    • "Field Roast" – Medium - Kill 100 Grunts with Flamers
      • Changed requirements to: Kill 50 Grunts with Flamers
    • "Bulldozer" – Medium - Destroy 100 walls
      • Changed requirements to: Destroy 25 walls
      • Changed secondary reward to: 40000 mn
    • "Firepower" – Medium - Score 500 kills using Bunkers while defending
      • Changed requirements to: Score 200 kills using Bunkers while defending
    • "Controlled Demolition" – Medium - Destroy 20 walls with missiles
      • Changed requirements to: Destroy 15 walls with missiles
    • "Finish the Job" - Hard - Destroy 10 headquarters with a missile
      • Change requirements to: Destroy 3 headquarters with a missile
    • "Underdog" - Hard - Achieve a 5 attack win streak against nightmare opponents
      • Change requirements to: Achieve a 3 attack win streak against nightmare opponents
    • "Mobile Bunker" - Hard - Kill 15 units using the transport truck in one battle
      • Turned on recycle.
    • "Shut Down" - Hard - Snipe 5 Medics using Sniper Towers
      • Changed requirements to: Snipe 10 Medics using Sniper Towers
    • "Payback" - Hard - Blow up 50 Rocketeers using mines
      • Changed requirements to: Blow up 25 Rocketeers using mines
      • Turned on recycle.
    • "Sneak Attack" - Hard - Destroy 25 structures with Paratroopers
      • Changed requirements to: Destroy 15 structures with Paratroopers
      • Changed secondary reward to: 60000 mn
    • "Rolling Fortress" - Hard - Kill 20 units using the transport truck in one battle
      • Changed secondary reward to: Rare Card Pack

    Hats Revisited
    In the last patch, we added a 5% health boost to your hats, and they just got much better! Each hat you receive can have a different stat boost applied to it, some of them going beyond the 5% boost you’re used to.
    Part of this change also includes something a little more fundamental: hats can now be assigned to only one unit at a time. You can hunt for multiple copies of the same hat to deck out your whole army.
    Hats are no longer available for purchase in Army Customization, and will not be dropped in card packs. They are now available exclusively in the new Unit, Resource, and HQ Crates.
    For those of you who have already purchased hats in Army Customization or earned them through Card Packs, have no fear - all hats owned before this patch have been replaced with a special version which has a +6% health boost and can be applied any number of times.

    • Open these special Crates to earn a great set of rewards.
    • Can be opened with Keys or Gold, or sold off for a small Munitions sum.
    • Crates and Keys only drop from PvP battles.
    • Only one of each type of Crate can be held at once. If another Crate is received, then you will have an opportunity to open or sell the extra Crate on the spot.
    • Unit Crate:
      • Contains 5x Valor, a Common Perk Pack, and a chance between a Hero, Hero Perk, or Legendary Perk. Also contains 3x Hats.
    • Resource Crate:
      • Contains 100k Munitions, and a chance between 3x Valor, 10x Dynamite, or a Common Card Pack. Also contains 3x Hats.
    • HQ Crate:
      • Contains a Command Card, 20x Dynamite, and a chance between a Structure, a Trap, some extra Base Points, or a bonus Command Card. Also contains 3x Hats.
    • Note: Free Crate awarded to all players that log in to GU! between 02-Nov-16 (after 2.17 Update deployment) and 07-Nov-17!

    • After suffering a defeat, an opponent may appear in the Opponent Selection as an opportunity to rematch.
    • Rematching a player costs gold, but provides double the XP, Munitions, and Cards.
    • Unlike the Retry option, Rematching an opponent allows you to revise your loadout before going into battle.

    Retaliation Bonus
    • Retaliations just got even better! Earn extra bonus cards when retaliating against someone via the Defend History or Defend Report screens.
    • Mercenary no longer has infinite ammo, and must reload after 15 bullets (5 bursts of 3 bullets)
    • The Rapid Deployment perk now affects spawn times from tents
    • General Bug fixes and Performance Improvements
    • Fixed a number of AI issues, including a bug where units would get confused by structures which are enclosed within walls.
    • Reduced the collision height of the Rock Walls in the base. Units and Structures alike can now see over these rocks.
    • Fixed an issue where the post-game screen could lock up after a level is gained.
    • Fixed the artwork on the 5 Assault, 4 Grunt, 1 Medic HQ Squad card displaying the incorrect number of units.
    • Fixed a bug where fire barrels would last indefinitely
    • Fixed an issue where music would occasionally stop playing shortly after entering any game mode.
    • Fixed an issue where unit firing sound effects would occasionally be replaced by other sound effects produced during battle.
    • Fixed an issue where card reward amounts would no longer be displayed in the War menu after completing a battle.
    • Fixed tutorial "welcome" message extending slightly out of its text box.

    17-10-16 Tuning update
    • Increased the expiration timer for dropped Crates from 35s to 60s.

    GU! Halloween (03-11-16) Content Update notes:

    New Content
    • Halloween Card Pack
    • Trick Attack Card
    • Treat Attack Card
    • Jack-o’-Lantern Hat
    • Pumpkin Base Decoration
    • Banner Items:
      • Ooze Banner
      • Cobweb Pattern
      • Bats Pattern
      • Bat Emblem
      • Pumpkin Emblem
      • Spider Emblem
      • Scythe Emblem
    • Customization Colors:
      • Zombie
      • Spectral
      • Hallows Eve

    GU! 2.16 Updated notes:

    Perk - Poison Resist
    • New perk that can be acquired through Card Packs and PvP Rewards
    • All levels give poison (coughing and DoT) immunity
    • Level 1: 12% toxic blast damage resistance
    • Level 2: 17% toxic blast damage resistance
    • Level 3: 25% toxic blast damage resistance
    • Level 4: 33% toxic blast damage resistance
    • Level 5: 40% toxic blast damage resistance

    Trap - Toxic Barrel
    • New placeable structure, can be acquired through Card Packs and PvP Rewards.
    • When destroyed, a cloud of poisonous gas appears which poisons units and deals damage. The gas cloud lasts 12 seconds.

    Reward Tuning
    • Rewards have been adjusted so that better rewards can be earned by attacking higher level opponents.

    Pickups Expire
    • Pickups will now expire after 20 seconds of being on the field.

    PvP Retry
    • When you lose a base attack, you now have the option to try again!
    • Attack Cards and Rentals are not consumed again when retrying a match.
    Unit Changes
    • Added a 1.75 damage/second DoT to the lasting poison effect (this applies to Toxic Barrel as well)
    • Reduced main damage from 40 to 30
    • Reduced clip size from 22 to 16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the user's Build Points not immediately resetting following a Base Reset
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect sound would sometimes play repeatedly
    • Fixed an issue where enemies killed by poison would count as two deaths in Defend Waves
    • Fixed the "Assign Random" Triangle button not initially displayed when first scrolling to the Attack Card slots in the Loadout
    • Added a sound effect when selecting "Get Perks" in a unit's Edit Perks menu
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the supply drop icon to appear blank if you ended the previous battle as soon as the supply drop triggered
    • Fixed an issue that caused the visual range indicators for Offensive structures and Barrels to show less range than the structures actually had
    • Fixed the Commando’s Minigun weapon incorrectly taking tint colors from statuses such as wounded, revived, and poisoned

    2.15 Update Notes:


    • New Hero unit! Sprays Poison Gas onto the battlefield, dealing damage and causing units to become sick. Sick units move slower, have less accuracy, and will periodically be interrupted to cough violently.
    • Chemist is immune to his own poison.
    Base Reset
    • Returns removed objects to your base.
    • All placed structures will be returned to your inventory.
    • Access the Base reset from the HQ menu.
    New Command Cards - HQ Squads
    • New HQ Squad cards send a wave of units at the attacker at a set interval.
    • HQ Squad cards do not stack - you can only use one squad. The card can be removed to stop the wave entirely. Previous waves of units that came out of the headquarters have been removed.
    • New cards can be obtained in Card Packs and PVP Battles.
    • All users will start with a default HQ Squad card assigned to their HQ.
    Command Card Slots in the HQ have been expanded from 4 to 6
    • These two new Command Card Slots are automatically unlocked.
    Early Unlocks of Loadout and Attack Card Slots
    New Card Packs
    • Dynamite Pack (10 sticks of Dynamite).
    • Common Perk Pack (5 random common perks).
    • Core Perk Pack (1 common Health, Damage, and Accuracy perk).
    Dynamite and Valor can now be used in the Card Combiner!
    • Dynamite is Common.
    • Valor is Epic.
    • Drop rate limits have been removed from these items.
    4x Boosts for Munitions and XP now available!
    • Only one Munitions or XP boost can be used at a time. 4x boosts will be used before consuming 2x boosts.
    • Two new 4x boost bundles are available for even better value!
    Special Hats give 5% more health when equipped
    • Special Hats denoted with golden star in the Army Customization screen.
    Added option to “Assign All Random” attack cards in the Loadout
    • Will assign all slots with random Attack Cards from your inventory.
    • Repeating the action will replace the cards with a different set of random cards.
    Added additional warnings when a match is about to run out of time
    • New notifications at 1:00, 0:30, 0:15.
    • Screen border pulses red starting at 15 seconds.
    Improved artwork in the Depot

    Server Improvements
    • Added a new server relay in Asia that will decrease load times and increase stability for players in that region

    Balance Changes
    • Units are now able to traverse around and in-between sandbags.
    • Bunkers have received a 20% health increase.
    • The battle timer has been reduced by up to 50% in certain situations. Lower level players won’t see much of a change, as the minimum match time has only been reduced by 30 seconds.
    • Lowered starting munitions at higher levels by up to 1,000 munitions.
    • Missile damage increased by 45%.
    • Reduced Build Point cost of AA from 34 to 24.
    • Reduced the rate at which units from tents drop Specials.
    • Reduce time to spawn units from upper level tents.
      • Tent level 7 Cooldown Rate increased from 1.5 to 1.8
      • Tent level 6 Cooldown Rate increased from 1.4 to 1.6
      • Tent level 5 Cooldown Rate increased from 1.3 to 1.4
    • Increased supply drops special delivery rate from one every 60 seconds to one every 72 seconds.

    Unit Changes

    • Cost 350 to 275
    • Cooldown 20 to 25
    • Cost 500 to 275
    • Cooldown 10 to 17
    • Cost 500 to 225
    • Cooldown 15 to 20
    • Damage 100 to 125
    • Accuracy 17 to 54
    • Cost 300 to 200
    • Cooldown 15 to 20
    • Cost 350 to 250
    • Cooldown 12 to 15
    • Damage 72 to 85
    • Clip Size 5 to 6
    • Health 1800 to 1200
    • Shield 2250 to 3000
    • Cost 375 to 275
    • Cooldown 10 to 12
    • Cost 325 to 300
    • Damage 30 to 40
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed AI bug where units would get confused by multiple enclosed structures
    • Created space between sandbags to prevent using them as path blockers
    • Fixed the Flamer reloading his clip shortly after spawning
    • Fixed some units that weren’t dropping Specials when spawned from tents
    • Performance improvements
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

    GUNS UP! - 2.13 Update Notes
    • Added two new Units:
      • Hero: Surgeon – Can revive fallen units on the battlefield (and packs a pistol to boot!)
      • Unit: Riot – Carries a shield that absorbs damage and fires flashbangs
    • New Perk:
      • Speed Perk – Provides a Unit with a 10% speed increase at level 1
    • Scheduled Drops – Specials are now automatically awarded to the attacker intermittently during battle, which makes base blocking less effective
    • Endless Defend Waves – The fight has come to you….and it’s going to keep coming.
    • Post-game stats are now optional
    • Bug fixes:
      • Various text fixes in multiple languages
      • Addressed an issue with Unit formation on sandbags
      • Addressed graphical issues with weapon tracers
      • Addressed 3 boot sequence network errors related to rare network settings that prevent communication with required network services
    • Mercenary adjustments:
      • Damage decrease 45 > 35
      • Accuracy decrease .975 > .965
      • Fire rate decrease .1 > .125
      • Reload speed decrease .02 > .06

    GUNS UP! - 2.12 Update Notes
    • Changed the Missions system to provide endless Missions
    • Added three new Unit Medals
      • Engineer – “Proficient”
        • Unlocks at level 20
        • Repair 2,500 damage with a single engineer 100 times
        • +35% Accuracy
      • Sniper – “Deadly”
        • Unlocks at level 29
        • +40% Damage
        • Deal 15,000 damage with the Sniper
      • Rocketeer – “Dependable”
        • Unlocks at level 36
        • -20% Spawn Cost
        • Achieve 7 kills with a single rocketeer 400 times
    • Added new poster loading screens
    • Various bug fixes
    • Adjusted Colonel’s “Commanding” Medal
      • Changed requirements from 10,00 kills from influenced units to 3,000 kills from influenced units.
    • Top Brass Trophy now unlocks correctly after leveling up three units
    • Medic units spawning from a second or third tent now correctly show the pulsing graphic
    • User’s remaining Munitions from a battle will be added to their Munitions total when displayed on the Defeat post-game screen
    • Server issue that affected some users logging in has been resolved

    GUNS UP! 2.11 Update Content Info

    New Heroes!

    • Sergeant has an aura that improves the Damage and Accuracy of the units around her.
    • Uses a semi-auto pistol to attack her enemies,
    • Costs 300 munitions during battle with a 15 second deployment cooldown.
    • Colonel has a special ability with a 15 second cooldown which channels a Focus Fire special on an enemy unit or structure. Only one Colonel can use his ability at a time (per team). The Colonel will prefer to use the ability on offensive structures and anti-air turrets, but will also target high value enemy units.
    • Deals massive damage with a revolver.
    • Costs 350 munitions during battle with a 20 second deployment cooldown.
    New Medals:

    Added Sergeant Medal - Born Leader: 10,000,000 damage dealt by influenced units.
    Reward: Purchase Cost -15%
    Added Colonel Medal - Commanding: 10,000 kills from influenced units.
    Reward: Fire Rate +20%
    Added Commando Medal - Spin Up: Fire 500,000 bullets with the Commando.
    Reward: Reload Speed -20%
    Visual Effects Upgrades:
    To go along with the new Sergeant hero, we’ve upgraded the visual FX for units which influence other units. Units now under the effect of the Sergeant or Medic will display a colored ring indicating that they are being affected, and the Sergeant and Medic themselves will display a pulsing ring indicating their area of influence.
    By pressing the Tactical View button during battle (L1), you’ll be able to view the area of influence for all deployed Sergeant and Medic units on the field.

    New Command Cards!

    Three new Air Support command cards are now available in card packs. These cards give your headquarters some firepower to fend off PVP attackers by bombarding them with Missiles, Napalm, or Bombing Run specials.
    Last Stand command cards have also been added to the rotation for the new Sergeant and Colonel heros.
    Performance and Load Time Improvements:
    With every release we spend some time trying to improve performance and load times. This release we’re happy to say we knocked off about 8 seconds on the initial load time!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Missle.png
Views:	1
Size:	189.7 KB
ID:	1076 Click image for larger version

Name:	Napalm.png
Views:	1
Size:	189.7 KB
ID:	1078 Click image for larger version

Name:	Bombing.png
Views:	1
Size:	189.7 KB
ID:	1074

    Economy Changes:
    • Rewards from PVP Defend should have increased substantially - with munitions reward increasing by 250%, and a lower chance of getting specials and attack cards.
    • Buy-in was reduced for all opponents.
    • Munition rewards were increased for nightmare opponents.
    • Initial support added for Korean and Traditional Chinese languages for a future region release.
    • Opponent base difficulty ratings have changed for low level players so early bases will better match real world performance.
    • Existing CPU Defend times have been capped at 30 minutes due to some recent exploit fixes. Play CPU Defend again with current version to achieve a better time.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Purple Splendor Trophy now unlocks correctly
      • Previously unlocked upon receipt of certain non-Legendary Cards
    • Level 1, 2, and 3 Anti-Air cannons no longer completely vanish when destroyed
    • Climbing The Ranks Trophy now unlocks correctly
      • Previously unlocked at level 24 rather than level 25
    • AI pathing issue improvements
    • Best Buds Trophy now unlocks correctly
      • Previously required fewer Friend attacks than intended
    • Replay improvements
    • Defend Report retaliation improvements
      • Previously, selecting one of multiple Defend Reports from the same player could mark all Defend Reports from that player as already retaliated against
    • Livesaver Mission now functions correctly
      • Previously counted progress for multiple Medics as opposed to one, as stated in the Mission
    • Dog Tags now display correctly in Live Tiles and on the website

    GUNS UP! 2.10 Update

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fix for AI stagger crash
    • Fix for AI base blocking exploit
    • Perk Tuning: Steady (increased Stagger resist)
    • Tuning: Increase Last Stand Spawn radius
    • Tuning: Reduce Sniper spawn cost
    • Tuning: Reduce Sharp Shooter spawn cost

    GUNS UP! 2.09 Client Code Update Info

    New Content:

    • Replays are available for viewing from Defend Reports
    • Replays display the attacker’s loadout, Perks, and Attack Cards used in the battle
    • Defend History is now accessible from the Intel screen
    • Defend Reports in the Defend History now show rewards earned from the battle
    • Defend Reports from before the 2.09 patch do not have replays

    AI Update
    Unit AI is at the core of the GUNS UP! gameplay, and we’re committed to improving and polishing it to improve the player experience. This release features a new AI system that improves performance, stability, and gives us more tools to develop new and interesting behaviors. Our goal with this first pass is to make units more reliable and responsive, as well as opens doors for us to implement some cool stuff in the future.
    • Units are more responsive to the Decoy and Focus Fire specials
    • Units under the effect of Focus Fire will not shoot through indestructible objects, and instead will move towards the target to try to fire at it
    • Units are more responsive to enemy fire and will alert nearby teammates when taking damage
    • Units will spread out more and try to avoid standing on top of each other
    • Units will prefer to target other units rather than the transport truck
    • Units will reload empty clips before engaging enemies
    • Units will sprint towards their target when they are within attacking range
    • Unit target acquisition has been improved
    • Units in CPU Defend are more stable when lots of units are active
    • Defending units will not break cover after being in combat
    • Defending units will use extended range when retaliating against enemy fire
    • Units will change targets if there is an enemy unit much closer
    • Units will follow an enemy unit if they move out of vision
    • Units with their gun muzzle inside a building will now hit the building
    • If a unit gets stuck inside an object, they will now remove themselves before attacking
      • Darth Gunfrak has been eradicated!

    Dog Tags
    • Added Dog Tags, a new representation of your matchmaking / leaderboards rank
    • Dog Tags now replace your wins and losses in the upper left corner of the HUB (your lifetime wins and losses are still accessible via the Leaderboards on the Intel screen)
    • For every win you’ll earn Dog Tags, and for every loss you’ll lose Dog Tags
    • The exact number of Dog Tags you could win or lose can be viewed by selecting View Details before choosing an opponent
    • Gain more Dog Tags for earning more stars while defeating harder opponents

    • Added 3 new trophies:
      • Best Buds - Attack 3 friends
      • Dedicated - Collect 3 Daily Rations
      • Purple Splendor - Obtain a Legendary card from PVP Rewards or Card Pack
    • Added Paratrooper Air Support command card
      • Epic card that drops paratroopers on enemy troops in defense, and adds a Paratrooper Attack Card to your loadout in CPU Defend / Defend Waves
    • Updated loading screen tool tips to be more relevant
    • Increased stability and performance
    • Other bug fixes:
      • Fixed CPU Defend units targeting different blocking structures than their PVP Attack counterparts
      • Level 5 Perks received as a reward display the outline of Legendary/Level 4 Perks
      • Command Cards do not display an outline that matches the form of their card
      • Boost Bundles received as a reward display an Epic/gold outline that does not match the form of the bundle art
      • Pressing circle while the game is loading the Daily Ration will cause the Hub to open while the Daily Rations screen is also open
      • It may not be clear that the user receives a random reward from the Daily Rations
      • Disconnecting after claiming a Daily Ration causes the user to not receive their reward and be unable to attempt to claim it again
      • Several hats clip through the Flamer's head
      • The Daily Rations panel will display the current day's reward after the reward has already been claimed and the user reboots
      • Resource rewards earned from CPU Defend and Defend Waves are not added to the user's resource counts on the post-game screen, and do not update until the user reaches the Hub
      • Unit perk slots flash when pressing the [square] button while highlighting an Attack Card slot in the Loadout
      • Units behind cover near the headquarters will not fire at units within their range if there is a distant undestroyed offensive structure farther ahead
      • The user must press [Cross] twice to Continue after opening a Card Pack from the Inventory
      • The correct Win/Loss record is not displayed when initially viewing PSN Friends on the Friends PvP matchmaking screen
      • The loading icon displayed when items are awarded from Missions or purchases does not spin
      • The level 40 and 46 card rewards are clipped along the left and right edges of the screen
      • Units will sometimes walk through collision to reach a Rally Flag
      • Walls can be placed on top of the sandbags of a level 4 base causing them to clip through the base
      • The user is able to enter Build Mode just as a Defend Wave triggers on the Hub, causing them to be unable to interact with the prompt displayed until they return to the Hub
      • Units will sometimes leave cover during and after firefights
      • Paratroopers can parachute down inside of structures, causing them to be untargetable
      • Icons appearing inside Base Preview pane in PvP screen appears disorganized
      • Epic card pack wings are overlapped by yellow outline when they are revealed during the Special Forces and Welcome bundles
      • Defend Reports which have been retaliated against still display 0/1 retaliations when viewed in the user's History (until the title is rebooted)
      • Loading screen appears the first time a User accesses the upgrade menu of any base structure and appears every ~6 seconds until the User reboots the title
      • Ranger and Grenade Launcher Units abruptly change position during their idle animations in-game
      • Occasionally, units stop animating and appear to be sliding along the ground
      • The Medic's unit count and munitions cost are overlapped by the green crosses on its recruitment icon in battle
      • AI will fire into rocks when using Focus Fire

    GUNS UP! 2.08 Hot Fix Update Info

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where some GU! players were getting stuck while downloading the previous update's content

    GUNS UP! 04-08-2016 Content Update

    New Content:
    • 15 new Missions (5 of each difficulty)
    • 4 new Last Stand Command Cards: Engineer, Grenade Launcher, Grunts, and Assault. These are more common (Epic rarity instead of Legendary) than previous Command Cards.
    • 3 new Medals for each Hero units.
    • 4 new Attack Cards:
      • Berserk (Rare): Units Ignore Cover, get increased Movement Speed, Health, and Size. Decreased Range. Enemy units receive increased stumble change
      • Tactical Boots (Common): Units ignore barbed wire, get increased stagger resistance.
      • Proving Grounds (Common): Units get increased Accuracy and Reload Speed.
      • Tight Formation (Common): All units have the same movement speed and range.
    • 5 new Defend Waves (insert into the early Defend Wave progression). These will be waves 7, 9 12, 13 and 15 in the new progression.
    • New Elite Card Pack: Two Legendary and 4 Epic cards (or better) with a high probability for a Hero Unit for 2,400 Gold.
    • Ego Command Card modified to also provide a health buff to defensive units.
    • New Level 50 reward: Legendary Card Pack (to be manually added to current Lvl 50 users).
    • Added spin-up time to the Commando unit,
    • Increased landmine damage,
    • Floating level text indicators removed for Walls

    GUNS UP! 2.07 Client Code Update

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes "Loading Services Account..." account lockout for some players that had played on more than one PS4

    GUNS UP! 2.06 Client Code Update

    New Content:
    • “Daily Rations” feature, awarding user for daily logins
    • New UI for structure and unit stats (exact stat numbers now displayed)
    • Optional “Objectives” tutorial for new users
    • New Medals for the Engineer unit
      • Mechanic – Repair 50,000 damage dealt to the Transport Truck with the Engineer (-35% Spawn Cooldown)
      • Duct Tape – Repair 500,000 damage dealt to structures with the Engineer (+25% Damage)
    • Several intermediary upgrade levels have been added for most structures (previously ~5 levels per structure, now ~15)
    • App icon art has been changed (applies everywhere on the PDM, including store)
    • Boosts consumed on Victory only
    • Added a sound effect when moving an aerial special into an Anti-Air Gun’s range
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Mission progress notifications appearing for too short of a time at the end of an attack
    • Fixed a crash in all modes related to interactions between the Engineer’s healing ability and damaged Anti-Air structures
    • Fixed killstreak multiplier being active in CPU defend
    • Fixed a crash that occurred ~7.5 minutes into a Defend Wave
    • Fixed an issue that caused units to stand still after using a Rally Flag, then quickly using a Focus Fire
    • Fixed Commandos not being able to shoot over stumps
    • Fixed PSN friends not populating on the Friends CPU Defend Leaderboard
    • Fixed weapon sound effects continuing to play after battle
    • Fixed several hat clipping issues
    • Fixed transport truck occasionally shooting into its own collision

    GUNS UP! 03-11-2016 Content Update

    Pot of GOLD promo:
    • New Four Leaf Clover Attack Cards (increases Special drop rate by 50% or combine 3 to create Rainbow Attack Card)
    • New Rainbow Attack Cards (greatly reduces Unit spawn time or combine 3 to create a Pot of GOLD Card)
    • New Pot of GOLD card worth 60 GOLD
    • New Leprechaun Hat available for a limited time
    • Updated Announcements Screen graphics
    Tuning Pass for the following Units:
    • Bombardier Unit – Decreased Range, Increased Reload Time, Decreased Munitions Cost / Tent Spawn Time
    • Grenade Launcher Unit – Increased Health, Increased Fire Rate
    • Medic Unit – Decreased Accuracy
    • Rocketeer Unit – Increased Health, Decreased Stumble Chance
    • Flamer Unit– Reduced the requirements for "Incinerator" Medal from 30 to 20
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix for Daily and Weekly leaderboards not showing all users
    • Fix for accounts that currently have Missions repeating with no rewards. The root cause was fixed for all new users in the last update but it didn't help accounts that already had it. This one will.

    GUNS UP! 2.05 Client Code update content:

    New Content:
    • “Engineer” Standard Unit available to everyone in the Barracks
    • Level 6 Sniper Towers
    • New “Base Power” stat added to base and PVP screens
    • 7 new Defend Waves

    • Reduced Mortar effectiveness
    • Increased Transport Truck stopping distance
    • Improved PVP UI
    • Small load times reduction on boot and between attacks
    • Progress bar added to Update Content screen
    • Removed the “Press X” prompt from the splash screen
    • Increased file transfer buffer size, which may decrease additional content download times
    Bug Fixes (including but not limited to):
    • Fixed assigned perks duplicating between two units, which made newly acquired perks appear to vanish as they filled in the second assigned duplicate perk
    • Fixed active missions resetting progress if the game was open when the reset timer hit 0:00
    • Fixed completed missions being set as the active mission with no reward
    • Fixed enemy units occasionally gaining greatly increased health when moving through barbed wire in CPU defend
    • Fixed multi-kills with landmines not counting for missions
    • Fixed not being able to retaliate correctly when accessing history from the friends list
    GUNS UP! 02-05-2016 Content Update

    New Content:
    • Sweetheart Color Bundle
    • Teddy Bear Hat
    • 25 New Missions
    • Increased HP on low level walls
    • Level 1: 400 -> 700
    • Level 2: 700 -> 900
    • Level 3: 1100 -> 1200
    • Decreased Grenade Launcher spawn cost
    • From 200-175

    GUNS UP! 2.04 Client Code Update

    New Content:
    • New Command Cards
    • New Perks - Fireproof and Rapid Deployment
    • Level 5 tier added for all Perks
    • New Legendary Card Pack
    • New Hero Unit
    • New Customization Items - Raptor Hat and Top Hat
    • Additional Defend Waves
    • Additional Missions
    • Increased Truck Health by 50%

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with perks becoming unassigned when closing the game
    • Fixed Boost icons not showing up in specific instances
    • Fixed rewards not immediately displaying on a few screens
    • Various functionality, audio, and gameplay fixes
    GUNS UP! 01-15-2016 Content Update

    New Content:
    • Raptor Hat

    GUNS UP! 2.03 Client Code Update

    New Content:
    • Retaliation now shows a preview of the enemy base
    • Added Last Stand command cards
    • Added server maintenance notifications
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed graphical issues with icons in 'Customization' UI
    • Fixed pathfinding issue that lead to units being unable to move further
    • Fixed audio issue at end of CPU Defend and Wave Defend
    • Improved response time of in-game leaderboards
    • Fixed an issue that would cause some players to re-play the tutorial and get stuck
    • Fixed exploit in CPU Defend, all leaderboard scores earned before 2.03 will be capped at 20 minutes.
    • General bug fixing
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