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Opened paths not being seen.

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  • Opened paths not being seen.

    This has happened a few times now when opening a clear path for units to follow only to be ignored. I hope whoever is left of the developer team can fix it. And while you’re at it also fix the glitch that allows us to place a structure in the ruins which allows the truck to be targeted and destroyed without the units being able to shoot at it. The truck gets stuck in the middle of the two top rocks and sits there while being shot at by the sniper tower that was placed in the ruins.

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    If you are referring to the "cleared" path after the focus fire around the 5 min mark in the video; an anti air out of range at the big rock was blocking that path thus in fact it was not opened. You needed to kill the AA and the path wouldve been recognized.

    As for the ruins glitch, please keep it as is. It is one of the situations that cause unexpected moments you may need to deal.with immediately, plus I like the creative stuff people come up with (not using it myself).
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    • Pikaro-_-8
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      On any other scenario units are attracted to AAs like bees to honey. Why wouldn’t at least a few of them go check it out? As soon as the units make it thru the choke point they ignore all enemy fire to try and destroy the AA. As you can see the top sniper tower had no wall infront of it yet it can shoot at my units but my units won’t shoot back. The glitch does need to be fixed, they fixed the tank traps from blocking the path, they fixed the closed sniper tower glitch....this glitch also needs to be fixed.

    • Maus_1908
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      Since the pathfinding update a while back units instantly recognize whether there is a path or not, no investigation going back and forth back and forth like the old days. They didnt recognize a path, so they didnt go.

      Units sometimes do seem overly focused on anti airs, but that is usually because it is the closest structure to the offender (right around corners at chokepoints etc.). On very few occasions there still is no logic and units act kinda dumb, but I think it is already a lot better than it used to be.

      As for the ruins glitch, I get your point but I dont agree with fixing them (no devs anyway haha not gonna happen). Your units didnt shoot back because they didnt have the range to attack the tower (your sniper did when it destroyed the wall). They wont get closer to the tower even when the wall was destroyed, because there was no path through the sniper tower. A rally flag will do the trick for 99% of these towers. Spawning snipers or paratroopers, and if you can spare one of course a focus fire, will often help as well.
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    • Pikaro-_-8
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      I know there is little to no chance of any of this being fixed. I don’t have much problem with the sniper tower being in the ruins but I do have a problem with it hitting the truck and loosing the match before it even starts. I thought they had fixed the truck being destroyed by hidden sniper towers....I can deal with hidden sniper towers as long as they don’t target the truck. Structures shouldn’t block paths, like is said before they fixed sand bags and tank traps it’s time they fix AA and mortar blocking the path.