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    So we're starting a GU! FAQ post and our hope is that this will be a living document that all of you, the community, will help us to grow as needed. If you have any suggestions about other questions or info that should go into this FAQ please feel free to let me know in a PM or another in another thread, and we can keep adding stuff into this list as necessary. Thanks all!

    -The GUNS UP! Team
    • I purchased GOLD/Bundles from the PSN Store but did not receive them in GUNS UP! Who can I contact to have this content delivered to my GU! account?
    • I no longer have Red Skull opponents on my attack list in GUNS UP! Will I ever see Red Skull opponents again?
      • The matchmaking system for GU! is based on matching your Attack/Defend Score against the Attack/Defend Scores of other players to determine what level challenge they will present to you. The greater the challenge, the higher the Skull rating. (e.g. 1 White Skull = low level of challenge, 3 Red Skulls = Extremely High level of challenge). If you’ve lost your Red Skull opponents it simply means that your Attack/Defend Score is high enough that there are no current players that pose enough of a challenge to you to be considered Red Skull opponents. As other players continue to increase their Attack/Defend Scores or, conversely, if your Attack/Defend Score decreases you will begin to see Red Skull opponents on your Attack list again.
    • When I recycle 3 of the same cards I often get the same card returned. Why is that?
      • The Card Recycler bases its returns on the rarity level of the cards being recycled and not the individual card type. Depending on the rarity of the cards being recycled, the Recycler will let you know what your chances are of receiving a card of a specific rarity. For instance, the more Epic cards you feed to the recycler the higher chance you will get an Epic card in return. Similarly, as the rarity level of the cards you are recycling increases, the pool of potential cards that may be returned decreases since there are less cards at the higher rarity levels. So the chance of you getting back the same card increases as the number of cards available for return decreases.
    • How do I upload a video to the GUNS UP! forums?
      • When you want to upload a GUNS UP! video from your PS4, follow these steps:
    1. Press the Share button on the PS4 controller
    2. At the Share screen, select Upload Video Clip
    3. Select the video clip that would like to upload
    4. Select the media site that you would like to Share the clip through (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, or dailymotion)
    5. Once you’ve uploaded the video to your selected media site, go to your chosen media site on a PC and select the video from your account.
    6. Copy the Video URL
    7. Go to and select the forum/thread/post that wish to add your video to
    8. Paste the Video URL into a new post, or edit an existing post to include the Video URL
    Once that post is made, the Video URL should allow anyone who clicks on it to view your video through the media site that you selected.
    1. [Alt. Method - USB Storage Device]
    1. Insert a USB Storage Device into the PS4
    2. At PlayStation Dynamic Menu (PS4 Main Menu), select Capture Gallery (if you don’t see it, got to Settings > System Storage Management > Capture Gallery)
    3. At the Capture Gallery Screen, select the Title containing the video you want to upload
    4. At the Title’s capture gallery, select the video you want to upload and press the Options button on the PS4 controller
    5. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”
    6. Once the video has been copied to the USB Storage Device, remove the device from the PS4 and insert it into a PC.
    7. Download the video onto the PC (put into a place that it will be easy to locate)
    8. Go to and select the forum/thread/post that wish to add your video to
    9. In a new post, or while editing an old post, click the upload attachments icon (first icon in the upper right corner of the new post section), and select “Upload Attachments”
    10. Find the video you downloaded to your PC and highlight it, then click “Open” to attach it to the post
    Once the video is attached, anyone who clicks on the attachment should be able to view it through their PC’s media player.

    *Note: Make sure the video file type is something that can be played by most media players
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