Thank you sir for the response,it is well appreciated, i'm currently at 261 days for my daily rations and while i've got your attention, i would like to address a couple other issues with you. 1st, for some reason i lost my 3 red skull option 2 or 3 seasons ago after an update and never got it back, 2nd i think it may have also caused the game forum to freeze when accessed through the game and not the web, it is still currently doing it so i have to login through the web browser instead. 3rd, referring back to my 3 red skull option missing, i thought was just part of the update and it happened to everyone, but it didn't and this seasons right before it started, i some how lost 2 red skull too so now the hardest opponents i can face are only 1 red skull. Lastly, the 4th thing is i have a glitched exclamation point next to my customization option that i can't get rid of and it's been bugging me for a while. I reported most of these issues a month or so back and never got a response. I know you guys must be very busy and get plenty of complaints every day but there's gotta be a better way people can report these problems and be certain they'll get some kind of response instead of just feeling like it just got lost in the pile of other people's complaints and nothings gonna happen. Thank you for your time sir, sorry about the rediculously long message, hope you have a great day XP