(PS4) Sorry to bother, but I'm pretty sure that something is wrong with Dog Tags. I noticed that I wasn't gaining any, After messing with it I'm also not losing any. I'm now stuck at 34,292. Even after surrendering or winning, the second I load into my base its still 34,292? Why?

Also but this has put me off from playing the game for quite some time now. When I go into my attack menu to select a base to attack all white are 5,000+ and all red skulls are 6,000+ even hitting 8,000 base power. It's no longer fun to try and attack because I feel like I'm attacking the same bases over and over.

Was the veteran system changed? I haven't seen a single unit promoted to even bronze in a long time. Machine gunners would always get promoted after mowing down several Grunts?

Has there been a change to the explosion shake? Because when and explosion happens on/off screen it now does a horrible screen shake.

I would ask a few more questions but I'd rather not over do it.